Outdoor Explorers Club

Week 7:

The Reception ‘Outdoor Explorer’ Club have been planting radishes this week and were excited to check on the progress of the potatoes they planted last week.

They also enjoyed a mini-beast hunt around the garden using magnifying glasses to find some small-world insects, and ‘watering’ numbered flowers with water pistols.

Finally, we began construction on our new ‘Bug Hotel’ and are going to start filling it with compost materials and hopefully we’ll have plenty of little visitors check in for us to observe!

In the Nursery this week…

This week the children have been exploring the topic ‘Colour Crazy’ with lots of opportunity to explore patterns, what happens when they mix primary and secondary colours and creating sequences of sound using instruments.




















We also celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi by spraying each other with coloured water. Thank you to Sahil and Anika’s parents who shared their experiences of celebrating the festival with the afternoon Nursery class.











Finally, we celebrated the Irish festival of ‘St Patrick’s Day’ by attempting some Irish dance during PE, baking Soda bread and listening to the story of how St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.


Excellent Cross Country Finish 🏆 🏃

On Saturday 11th march, after nearly 2 terms of training at ‘run a mile’ club, Tubbenden took a strong and enthusiastic team to Crystal Palace Park to part in the cross country event.  The races were divided into  Year 3 girls and Year 3 boys, followed by  Year 4 girls and Year 4 boys, finishing with combined Year 5/6 girls and Year 5/6 boys race.  There were over 1500 children running in the six races including about 50 of our own.

The Mayor of Bromley stood in the middle of the field and honorably started the crowded races.  Mrs Brash’s  runners fought throughout the 1800 metre race: sprinting at the start to avoid too much of a squeeze in to the bottle neck; tackling overgrown greenery; battling against other strong runners and just doing their best! A handful of triumph runners tumbled to the ground but everyone got up and soldiered on to the finish line.

Everyone involved did Tubbenden proud – all competitors  viciously battled as fast as they could to get to the finish line. The top 6 in each race, determined where their school came overall.   Special mentions must go to Charlotte in Year 3 who came 9th in her race and William who came 2nd in the  Year 5/6 race.  He was as surprised as us all for scooping this prized win – his efforts were recognised with a medal presentation.  Well done you two – quite an achievement!

A big thank you to Mrs Brash and Mr Lundy for allowing us this fantastic opportunity and to all the teachers and parents that gave up their Saturday morning to cheer us on.

Lewis, Rhain and James

Out of this World Early Years

The Nursery children have spent the last two weeks exploring the topic of ‘Space’ with a Literacy Focus on the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.

During Week 1:

The children enjoyed participating is some ‘NASA Astronaut training’ during PE, making rockets from junk-modeling and marble-painting patterns on to paper plates to create planets.

During Week 2:

We introduced the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ during the second week of learning and the children enjoyed designing some funky underpants, washing underpants and hanging them up in the outdoor ‘Launderette’ role-play area and making aliens out of playdoh.
























Spectacular Spotlight Workshops 👯🎭🎼




















On the 6th and the 7th of March, Spotlights – a drama, music and singing company – came in and graced the student body with a wondrous workshop. They based this workshop on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for the Infants and ‘Gangsta Granny’ for the Juniors.

During this we made still scenes from ‘Gangsta Granny’ and played some fun drama games.

Thank you to Faye from Spotlights for coming in to Tubbenden.

Gardening Club

Week 5

The Reception Gardening Club had a great time hanging the birdfeeders they made last week and planting potatoes in the Early Years Playground.

They even gave the grass a little trim to keep it tidy!

Triumphant once again!👍⚽️

On Friday the 3rd of March, Tubbenden’s unbeaten run continued as they played the Hayes primary school team. The first half was arduous but we persevered through with a stunning goal by Josh L, which put us in the lead. No other goals were scored later in the first half but we had many chances. The second half was most challenging, but Alfie H scored another fabulous goal. Our opponents then went ultra attacking, but were unable to get past our impenetrable defence.

Every player performed very well and spread the importance of team spirit amongst the field. We hope for the best in the next match.⚽️👍🤞

By Dylan and Oliver

Lovely Lost Things

On the 3rd of March, various students were summoned to the front of the main hall during assembly to share wondrous Book Week learning that they had produced. Each and every piece of work was linked to a brilliant book called The Lost Thing; this was written by Shaun Tan. The book is a deep and complex story following an object which goes missing. Each year group were set various tasks to enjoy based on the book. For example Reception and Year 1 made models, and Year 6 innovated the book about a lost or abandoned plastic item which had been washed up on shore.