Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

The Nursery children continued to explore the topic ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ with a Literacy Focus on the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ this week. Specifically we explored the different senses the wolf refers to in the story ie. ‘all the better to see you with’ and talked about the different senses we use.

The children enjoyed smelly malleable play, a tasting game and engaged in a game of ‘Blind Man’s Buff’ during PE.

Beware of the BIG BAD WOLF!

The Nursery children have been focusing on the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ whilst exploring the topic of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. They have been learning about woodland as the setting of the story through sensory play, creating story-maps to re-tell the traditional tale and adopting the roles of different characters to re-enact the story in our woodland/Grandma’s House role-play area.

One child who participated in the ‘Home Learning Opportunity’ of last week, found a honeycomb which he brought to share with the class. It sparked lots of interest and the children were buzzing with excitement (excuse the cheesy pun) and asked to learn more about bees. As such, we made bee paintings, watched a child-friendly documentary and next week will be tasting honey sandwiches to extend this interest!


















The children were very excited to arrive at Nursery today to fields of white snow! We all went out to play and the children enjoyed rolling down the hill, making snowmen and listening to their feet crunching through the snow. We even brought some snow in to the classroom to continue the fun and added food colouring/paint at the children’s request.

After lots of fun playing outdoors we warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit in the classroom.














SNOW much fun!

Excitement spread through the corridors of Tubbenden on Friday the 13th of January when we were treated by an unexpected event. IT SNOWED!! Classes throughout the school (including Nursery) ventured off into the winter wonderland of the field to enjoy a precious half an hour outside. The playground was unfortunately like an ice-rink, however the field was fantastic for making snow boulders and snowmen. Children also enjoyed making snow angels and just having fun! Shortly after the children had returned to their classrooms to do some learning snow began to fall again and children crossed their fingers and hoped that their teacher would allow them some more time outside in the snow. However the golden sun eventually appeared, melting the snow and leaving only ice. Hopefully the snow will make another appearance soon before the winter season is over!

Ella  and Alyssa

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Nursery!

The Nursery enjoyed their ‘Christmas Celebration’ today and we are so proud of them all for their wonderful singing and actions! We hope you all enjoyed the festive crafts and Christmas treats provided.

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The Tubbenden Nursery Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017 ūüôā

Choir sing for Charity

On the 8th December the choir gave up their evening to sing at the PRU Hospital. They made nearly £100 in the charity collection for the hospital and received this wonderful letter of thanks:

Dear Mr Adams and the Choir,

On behalf of the Friends of the Princess Royal University Hospital I would like to thank you and Mr Nicholls for bringing the Tubbenden Choir to the PRUH this evening to sing some Christmas carols and songs.

It was very clear that the boys and girls in the choir were enjoying singing and those who listened enjoyed it too.

You will be aware that we were collecting in aid of the Friends of the PRUH and I am delighted to tell you that in the brief period you were there we collected £95.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Allard

Vice Chairman, Friends of the PRUH

img_7756 img_7755

Singing Finale

The choir and Mr Adams have been incredibly busy towards the end of this term – their epic tour of the borough ended with their final public performance for Petts Wood, Bromley Carers.

The school received a wonderful email and kindest regards from Mary Mason:

‘Just wanted to write and thank you so much for the wonderful performance from your choir. They were a real highlight of the event and we have had many carers comment on how lovely their voices were and how much they appreciated them joining us.¬† They were impeccably behaved and were so polite, they were a credit to the school.Thank you again for all you hard work so please pass on our thanks to the children & staff who accompanied them.’

Well done Choir you’ve done Tubbenden proud.




Fantastic festivities 

On the 20th of December (the final school day before Christmas) the entire student body congregated to the candle-lit main hall to rejoice and were filled with Christmas spirit as they sang their hearts out to Christmas carols. Pupils were selected to recite poems and contribute their thoughts and feelings on Christmas and related subjects. The dimly lit room was filled with warm air and care. The beautiful sound of singing filled the hall and astounded the teachers, who were very proud of the children for their incredulous performance.

We thank Mr Turvey for arranging the opportunity to celebrate Christmas altogether

Ekansh and Joshua M

candles-1 candles-2

Sensational Salvation Army visit


On Tuesday the 13th of December,  six lucky students were chosen to do a special activity. Our trip to the Salvation Army was a amazing experience.  Whilst there, we got to wrap presents and help staff.  In the hall there were 2 long rows of tables laid out with food on them; we were given a small sheet from Dawn, which had details about two families written on it. We got the opportunity to shop and gather food that we thought the children would like. It was a great experience to be part of and we want to thank Dawn and the Salvation Army for allowing us to be part of the wonderful job they do for people in the borough less fortunate than ourselves.


Written by Hugo and Cerys

img_3687Salv 1img_3704 img_3703

Cracking Carol Service


On the 16th of December, all Junior children of Tubbenden walked together to congregate at St Paul’s where they¬†astounded their parents with a wonderful Carol service. Including the Choir and Band on the Run, the performance was an exceptional job well done and filled the religious church with the Christmas spirit. Verses from the Bible were recited with confidence by volunteering students and teachers. The professional performance left the observers stunned and euphoric. We give huge thanks to Mrs Hawkins for arranging the exhilarating occasion.

More photos to follow next week when we have had chance to upload them all – Year 6 have been busy partying this afternoon!

Click to watch Band on the Run in action

By Josh and Ekansh


Reception’s Shining Stars

On Thursday 15th December 2016, Reception performed a fantastic Nativity for their parents.

All of the¬†talented children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and with the help from their extraordinary teachers, managed to sing the songs beautifully. After performing it was evident that all the parents were deeply impressed by their children and fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. The Nativity couldn’t have gone better – well done Reception.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

By Ria, Tanu and Gbubemi