This week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been talking about different means of transport this week. During a PE session the children were very excited to play a parachute game which involved listening for their name to be called and running to the opposite side. They have also been developing their counting and number identification skills by selecting a toy boat with a number on and trying to count the correct amount of people to match the boat. In our outdoor provision, an ‘ocean’ was created in our water tray with lots of different sea creatures and boats, testing the boats to see how many people could fit before the boat sank!

The afternoon provision have shown a great interest in ‘the Gingerbread Man’ this week so after reading the story the children enjoyed drawing the characters and using puppets to re-tell the story to one another. They also had a special treat when we gave the children the opportunity to make gingerbread stars, they helped each other to measure the ingredients and mix the biscuit dough. Building towers has proven to be a popular activity this week, some of the children have been using unifix cubes to make long towers and have been looking at what’s taller, themselves or the tower.



This week in the Nursery…


Welcome to the first Nursery BLOG entry of this academic year!
As you may be aware, we aim to update this BLOG weekly with photos of the activities the Nursery children have participated in throughout the week.​
The children in the morning class have been enjoying making collages of their favourite animals, building homes for animals using construction materials such as duplo and meccano and using play dough to create their own animals! 
Outside in our garden they have been exploring the digging area and using different shaped balancing beams to develop their physical skills. There have been a few wobblers but lots of determination and perseverance.
The children in the afternoon class have been using paint to make pictures of their houses with brushes and sponges. They also enjoyed making junk modelling houses using glue, scissors, yoghurt pots and cereal boxes. 
There has also been lots of ‘den building’ play in the outdoor area with children using sheets, pegs and other large equipment to create tents. The class also decided the playhouse needed to be redecorated which led to a flurry of mud painting of the building!
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The Tubbenden Nursery Team 


Sportacus Awards

The children in the afternoon class have had great fun the past 12 weeks. On a Monday afternoon, Harry and his team from Sportacus have been coaching the children, playing different games and sports and most of all having fun with the children. They have been taking part in many activities such as football, ‘lava ball’, races and lots of exciting games.

A big thank you to Harry and his team who have worked so hard and enthusiastically to ensure that all the children have had a great time while also helping to develop their physical skills. A big thank you also to all parents and carers who turned up to watch the award ceremony.

To find more information on Sportacus and the activities they provide please click on the link below;

if your child has enjoyed the sessions with Harry and his team please feel free to follow the link below to leave a comment;



This Week in the Nursery…

The children in the morning class have been continuing to express their interest in the world cup and all things football, for ‘outdoor play’ football is continuing to be the favourite activity, who knows maybe they’re preparing themselves for 2034! they have also been busy helping to make slime and making a lovely mess with it!

The children in the afternoon class have been picking and drawing flowers from the field which led to a lot of children picking buttercups and planting them elsewhere hoping for new flowers to grow. They were also excited when the builders gave us a large cardboard tube they no longer needed and used it to show different ways of movement.



This week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been showing off their science skills, watching and helping with lots of experiments such as making lava lamps and making a fountain with Coke and Mentos! They have also been engaging well, practicing their phonics by playing eye spy, looking for things beginning with S, A and T.

The afternoon class have been learning all about starting school and talking about the changes that might happen in the next few weeks. They have also been looking at different textures, talking about how things feel such as bubble wrap, then using it to create some patterns with paint.

Sports Day;

Thank you to all who came to join us on Sports Day. A big well done to all the parents who joined in with the races and an even bigger well done to all the children who took part. It was a very hot day and the children were all so patient waiting for their turns and cheered their teams on with excitement. Well done to the winners, the Orange Tornados!



This Week in the Nursery…

The children in the morning have been engaging in all sorts of Fun Fayre based activities this week including hoopla, hook a duck and a coconut shy! One of the children even created their own Fun Fayre stand called a ‘teddy tombola’ where the children had to throw balls at bottles on crates to knock them over in order to win the prize of a teddy. During PE they tried their hardest to be ‘The Greatest Showman’ by showing off their jumping, balancing and gymnastics skills.

The afternoon class have been focusing on the topic of starting school. They have been dressing themselves in school uniforms, making registers and class lists and even attempting to teach their friends some lessons. Some of the children went on a ‘colour walk’ around the field, identifying all different colours they could see in our setting.

During a very hot lunchtime some of the children helped to make a shelter to sit under using sheets. They pulled over logs and crates to sit on and all looked at some books in the shade together.


In the Nursery this week…

The children in the morning have been engaging in a topic based around the World Cup doing activities such as designing their own football kit, hanging football shirts in number order on the washing line and making play dough footballs and seeing how many goals they could score.

The children in the afternoon have been preparing for school in the role play area, trying on school uniforms and playing teachers and attempted to build a school with shaving foam and building blocks!

All the children enjoyed a trip to the post box where they posted their letters they had made for their friends and enjoyed discussing and watching a video on the journey of a letter.


This week in the Nursery…

The children in the morning have been continuing to expand their knowledge on the phonic sound of letters. This week they played ‘I spy’ in the classroom and tried to find or think of things beginning with  the letter ‘t’.  After the children have been showing a lot of interest in vehicles and transport, A lot of transport themed activities have taken place this week, such as using cars in a tray of paint to print tyre tracks onto paper and matching the profession to the vehicle i.e. doctor and an ambulance. Thank you to those who sent back the vehicle spotting home learning!

The afternoon class have shown a lot of interest in using play dough so have been extending both their fine motor and literacy skills trying to form letters out of play dough using letter stencils. They have also been showing off their maths skills by putting numbered strips of paper together to make pictures of vehicles. They also enjoyed playing with the small world Aquarium!


Dad’s and Lads!

Thank you to everybody who came to celebrate our superhero themed ‘dad’s and lads’ event with us. The children really enjoyed having their family in the Nursery for the morning, making cards, using play dough to make superhero emblems and building train tracks!

Happy Fathers’ Day for Sunday!


A Go-Karting Win!!!

Over past weeks, six children from year six have been working together in groups of three to make two Go-karts…

On the 10th June they took part in the young eco engineers race, which consisted of them racing their two Go-karts against other schools. Team Inferno won all of their races and team Blaze won three out of six of theirs. Tubbenden was very successful in winning the award for team work. But best of all they won the young eco engineers trophy 2018 !!!!

By Sophie