Nursery Sports Day

Today the Nursery children participated in a ‘Sports Day’ event and had a fantastic time on the field running races, tackling obstacle courses and playing ‘beat the goalie’.

It was brilliant to see so many parents there supporting and we hope that you had as good a time watching the children compete as we did.

Well done to those that won the ‘Parents Race’ and to all who participated!

And a BIG thank you on behalf of the Nursery children to Mrs. Seal for organising such a fab event! 🙂

Fantastic First Aid🏥

On the 26th of May, year six were ‘treated’ to a hands-on first aid experience. Their fist aid instructor taught them various methods to save citizens’ lives and heal various wounds. Firstly they learnt about the recovery position and what to do if they saw an unconscious person. Then they learnt about CPR and Mouth to Mouth Contact. They used mannequins to practise this as it is dangerous to do it on a conscious person. Finally they discussed burns and practised bandaging other people. Year six had a wonderful day learning about how to save lives…



Marvellous Music Competition🎤🎵🎶

On the 25th May, a music competition took place with a bucketload of musical talent. Mr Adams and Mrs Braddock – the school’s singing teachers – judged this competition. Eventually, after a hard week of contemplating who won, the decision was made. In the next whole-school-assembly they announced the winners and the school congratulated them with a humungous round of applause. We thanks Mr Adams and Mrs Braddock for organising this wonderful event.

In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week the children have been exploring the topic ‘The Great Outdoors’ with a focus on ‘Weather’.

They have enjoyed participating in science experiments such as exploring wind direction with kites, creating a cloud in a jar and making rainbows using torches and CDs.

We have also been keeping an eye on the weather this week and created a chart as a class to record our observations.

Fingers crossed the sunny weather lasts!

Superb SATs week

On the 8th of May, year 6 started their SATs; the teachers were confident as they had been extremely impressed by the practice SATs because Year 6 smashed it! They used various methods to check and were ready for anything. Year 6 were gladly treated with an opportunity to have toast at school in the mornings. The teachers were extremely impressed by their approach to their tests and the children are eager to find out their results.

Cracking Chris Connaughton

On the 15th of May, Chris Connaughton visited our school to teach the children about heroes and villains; he started the day with an exhilarating tale which you may know as ‘Perseus and Medusa’. He acted this out with great skill and immersed the pupils in fear, dread and excitement. We made a word bank of excellent vocabulary to describe the hero and villain before we were assigned a project. We wrote astounding stories and had an amazing time.  Thanks once again Chris.

Audacious Auditions

On the 16th of May, Year 6 auditioned for their fabulous end-of-year play. All the children that auditioned were awarded a part. The teachers found it extremely hard to give each and every child a part they would enjoy, but they were able to find a way. Year 6 have been practising very hard ever since and are proud of what they have done…watch out for our performances!

Astounding Attendance Awards👍👌

On Wednesday the 17th of May, the juniors gathered in the main hall to witness the many students that had achieved 100% attendance last term. Firstly year 3 got their well-deserved certificates and crowded the awards box, hungry for toys to play with. Claps and cheers echoed around the hall as the pupils were crowned with their awards. An astounding amount of students were devoted to their work and wouldn’t miss a second.

In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week the children have continued to explore the topic ‘The Great Outdoors’ with a ‘Literacy Focus’ on the story ‘The Bog Baby’ written by Jeanne Willis.

The children were excited to find a ‘magical pond’ in the Nursery classroom and they each caught a ‘Bog Baby’. We talked about how our ‘Bog Babies’ looked and drew pictures of them before creating clay models.

We then practised our writing skills by creating ‘birth certificates’ for our ‘Bog Babies’ and wrote key-words from the story.

In addition, the children enjoyed visiting the Tubbenden Wildlife Garden to look for mini-beats, ladybird addition activities, drawing mini-beasts and some large-scale welly painting in the outdoor area.