Further Chess Success for Shlok


We are very pleased to report that Shlok, Year 3,  continues his success in chess.

At the end of July, Shlok won the Under 7 Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge (Gigafinal) and was runner up in the British Chess Championship in the Under 8 section – a year above his age.

 In August, he entered the Under 8 category of the European Youth Chess championship in Prague. Shlok was competing against 100 players from 49 countries and finished with a creditable 5/9.


We look forward to following his further successes in the future.







In the Nursery this week…

The Nursery children have been exploring the topic ‘All About Me’ this week and enjoying lots of activities that encourage understanding of what makes everybody special and unique as well as exploring feelings.

p1130490 p1130491 p1130627 p1130631 p1130633

Above: Looking in the mirror to help us draw our self portraits. Painting paper plates to create our own ’emojis’.

Nursery Reading Challenge Champions

Well done to those that completed the ‘Reading Challenge 2016’ during the Summer Holiday as part of the ‘Home Learning Opportunity’ challenge set by the Nursery last term.

p1130486 p1130492

Thank you for sharing your medals with the class and telling us all about the fun you had visiting your local libraries. We hope you like your certificates and that you find a fitting place to display your achievement.

The Hub Challenge

  hub1  hub4 hub3 hub2

Today, year 6 finished off a fantastic first week back by taking on The Hub Challenge.  Children were put into teams of ten and were challenged to solve problems by working as a team.  Valuable skills of communication, planning and reflectiveness were put into action with each new task.  We were very impressed with how they persevered and encouraged each other to solve some particularly mind-boggling activities!

“It was a great day and we worked hard.”  Niamh O’Neill

“I was proud of the fact that we didn’t give up and we helped each other out right through until the end of each activity.” Holly Lewis


Nursery End of Year Party!!

The Nursery celebrated a year of fun and learning today with an ‘End of Year Party’ today. The children enjoyed playing party games such as musical mats and pass the parcel, a party tea and a water balloon fight in the garden!

P1080348 P1080349 P1080352 P1080353 P1080356 P1080358 P1080359 P1080363 P1080365 P1080367 P1080371 P1080376 P1080378 P1080380

It was also Mrs. Hone’s last day at Tubbenden Nursery and we said goodbye with a card, songs and a BIG group hug! We wish you all the best Mrs. Hone you will be missed.

P1080374 P1080375

We hope you all enjoy the Summer holidays!

In the Nursery this week…

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in the Nursery exploring the topic ‘Starting School’ with lots of activity in the ‘school’ role-play area, designing our own school uniform badges and discussing what to expect when starting school in September.

P1080260 P1080262 P1080265 P1080275 P1080264

The children also celebrated the festival of Eid last week. One of the children and their family celebrate the festival at home and the children were lucky enough to have the opportunity to look at photos and listen to their friend talk about their own experience of Eid. We then had a ‘sweet feast’ which involved eating cakes and sweets and did some dancing to Arabic children’s songs.

P1080288 P1080292

Tubby bear got in on the action this week having been on a camping adventure over the weekend with one of the Nursery children! The children were so excited to hear what he had been up to that they made a camp in the outdoor area and enjoyed finding sticks to make a campfire and tell each other spooky stories. This continued all week!

P1080294 P1080296 P1080297

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week!

We Will Rock You!


On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July, Year 6 stormed the stage and rocked out with two outstanding performances of ‘We Will Rock You’.  We were thoroughly entertained by the superb cast of excellent actors, singers, dancers and backstage technicians, who have worked so hard and enthusiastically to produce this show.  The children embraced the story, the songs and the opportunity for some make up and rainbow-coloured hair!!  We are so very proud of Year 6 and this will certainly be a show to remember.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the parents and the staff for their support with the show, to Karen and Lucy from Dance Works for their choreography, and to the TFA for providing refreshments.

 rock1 rock2 rock3 rock4 rock5 rock6


Money, Money, Money

Year 6 are currently taxing their brains (excuse the pun) by learning about money, banking and finances.  The unit of work covers a multitude of money matters, such as bank accounts, interest, credit and debit cards, savings and investments, as well as the risks of loans and overdrafts.  The children are thoroughly enjoying the learning, which is prompting much discussion and raising questions, and is helping to raise their awareness to prepare them for financial decisions in the future.


money1 money2