In the Nursery this week…

The children have been continued to explore¬†the topic ‘Around the World’ this week and have enjoyed making maracas in Spain, painting ice in the Arctic and exploring fruits from the Brazilian rainforest amongst lots of other activities.

The final destination (and arguably the most popular amongst the class) was ‘Disney Land Florida’ where the children celebrated the end of the topic with a ‘Disney dressing-up day’.

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Year 4’s Fab Displays!!! ūüé® ūüĎć

This term Year 4 have been creating some fabulous displays based on both their ‘Narnia’ project and ‘All About Africa’ topic. Overall we think the children (with the help of their teachers) have produced some excellent work on their topics and we wanted to share some brilliant examples of their creative learning . We hope that they continue next term to produce great¬†high quality learning.

By Sonya, Alyssa and Ella

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Wonderful Wilberforce Assembly

On the 1st of December 2016, pupils in Wilberforce house went to the music room and had an assembly with their House and Vice Captains.

They had produced a special assembly to tell us some interesting facts about William Wilberforce. First, they split us up into two teams, then they asked us lots of¬†questions to see if we knew the answers. ¬†They were trying to establish¬†¬†which team knew William Wilberforce the best. ¬† It was a¬†fun¬†quiz! We found out that Wilberforce¬†was born in Hull but he was buried in London’s Westminster Abbey, along with many more interesting, marvellous facts about his life. Well done Wilberforce Captains, this was an exciting assembly¬†and i’m sure¬†all the other children in Wilberforce enjoyed it as much as I did.


Pankhurst’s Perfect House Captain’s Assembly

On the first of December, the talented houses of Tubbenden primary school were partitioned, and dispersed into four rooms. Pankhurst’s congregation was an astoundingly amazing affair, in which the House Captains of Pankhurst gave an incredibly inspiring lecture about how we will be the winners of the valuable house cup if we work hard and don’t give up. As an exhilarating extra, there was a quiz all about Emmeline Pankhurst, the incredulous idol of the Pankhurst house and the person the studious house was named after. Year six were the winners by the skin of their teeth, triumphing over year 3 by only one point. The game got our hearts pounding and our brains working. The experience was overall enjoyable, informative and amazing.

Written by Joshua.

Nightingale’s Exceptional House Assembly¬†

On the 1st of December, the talented Tubbenden houses congregated in four different places of the Juniors, each for a single house. The Nightingale Captains led their assembly for pupils in Nightingale only. In this assembly, the intelligent captains encouraged the students of Nightingale to win more house points and work hard to win yet another sports day trophy.

The confident Captains gave interesting facts about Florence Nightingale and then tested the knowledgeable brains of the children with a quiz, which they all exceeded in.



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Darwin House Assembly

A different type of assembly took place on Thursday this week. The House and Vice Captains ¬†came up with a wonderful idea to talk to the interested fellows of their house and led the assembly. They decided to fly out some facts, ¬†they didn’t want to be boring, so they made paper aeroplanes with facts about Charles Darwin. It engaged the children present. ¬†Here’s one of the facts I learnt: Did you know that Charles Darwin’s main exploration was Evolution. ¬†I’m sure everyone in Darwin has¬†learnt a little more about the famous man they are named after.




Times Table Rockstars

Last week Miss Wollaston led a special assembly all about times tables. Before we went into assembly, everyone was given a number on paper Рit caused much excitement! There were even some special ones with secret squares and triangles drawn on them.

As we were arriving, there were times tables questions with numbers missing, up on the big screen for us to solve. Our job was to figure out what numbers were missing, and then tell Miss Wollaston what we thought they were by showing our number cards.img_0199

After that, she picked all the children, who had the secret squares and triangles on their pieces of paper, to come up to the front. It was a mini competition: triangles against the squares.  They were tasked to answer some tricky multiplication questions and fight for points!


Once the quiz was over, Miss Wollaston explained that everyone has¬†the chance to earn rewards for knowing their¬†times tables – bronze, silver, gold, platinum levels and finally, if you’re a complete master, diamond status! ¬†Once you have achieved your status for the year your task is to get quicker, increasing your speed of recall.

Miss Wollaston has signed our school up to ‘Times Table Rockstars’ which is a great fun way to practise. ¬†¬†Remember to get your log in from your teachers to enable you to play at home. Try and improve your rockstar status – good luck!

Alex, Freddie and George

TWIG Transformation

Saturday morning saw a really productive morning at the TWIG Рtake a look at the photographs to see the dramatic transformation.  Spike was absolutely brilliant at co-ordinating the team of helpers (parents, grandparents and children) who turned up to help, rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in with the enormous task!   Hopefully TWIG will become a more visited area, enjoyed by all children.  A HUGE thank you to all those involved.
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National Young Mathematician Awards

On the 23rd November 2016, four lucky children went to ‘Explore Learning’ for the National Young Mathematicians Award. ¬†Whilst there, they were asked¬†to put an answer to two incredibly challenging, multiple task word problems, and all within just one hour. ¬†There was also an opportunity to¬†play a thirty minute game, which involved trying to find as many answers to slightly easier mathematical word problems. ¬†
‘The team demonstrated excellent mathematical knowledge and superb teamwork. Throughout both sessions, they worked together to successfully complete the series of challenges. They be very proud of themselves and we look forward to finding out the results in the coming weeks!’ ¬†– ¬†Miss Venn