Ella’s Exceptional Effort

Ella in 5 Avalon was really moved by the problems facing people in Nepal following the Earthquakes and decided that she could do something to help.

Last weekend she planned, prepared and hosted Tea Parties throughout Sunday for friends and family to raise funds for ShelterBox – the charity for whom we collected earlier this year. Her weekend began with a huge amount of baking – thirty scones and sixty cupcakes! Her Nanny also helped out by making some brownies. Meanwhile she spent a lot of time inviting about thirty guests and planned the day to ensure everybody had time for a cup of tea (including an Earl Grey option – sophisticated!) or coffee, and a chance to play in the garden, all in return for a donation to Shelterbox.

Ella, who is an unassuming young lady said, ‘The best part of the weekend was finding out how much money I’d raised. I was astonished that I’d raised so much!’

In fact she raised a whopping £245.00. We are so proud of you, Ella! You have worked so hard and proved that one person can make a difference!


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