Excellent Netball Match!


On Tuesday the 21st of March, Tubbenden’s fantastic netball team played an exhilarating away match against Darrick Wood Junior School.  With excitement bubbling inside of them the team headed to the school. Both the teams had improved massively since the match at Tubbenden at the beginning of the year.  A shrill whistle jerked the game into action, Darrick Wood had some incredible shooters however Tubbenden’s interception skills were just as impressive.  We played two games as usual (and added up the points from each game to reach the overall score) and,surprisingly, both teams drew until the final half of the last match.  With approximately 4 seconds to spare Darrick Wood scored a miraculous goal.  Darrick Wood won 5-4 but it was a good game with lots of good sportsmanship as well.

Thank you to Darrick Wood for letting us play with you!

By Ella

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