This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been helping to create ‘The Nursery Supermarket’ by making price labels and signs for our shop and then engaging in some role play activities in the supermarket! They have been busy spending all their ‘money’ buying lots of different fruits and vegetables. During choosing time the children have enjoyed sharing cars and trains with their friends, taking turns rolling them to each other without any adult support.

On Friday last week, one of the children from the afternoon class said he thought the reason one of our toilets is broken is because a dinosaur sat on it! this led to lots of imaginative role play activities this week. On Monday when we came in, we found a dinosaur hiding in the toilet cubicle, so we locked him in the staff cupboard over night. On Tuesday he had escaped so the children all worked together and followed clues around the school to find Rex.  The children made a long list of what good choices at Nursery are and how Rex could get a ‘good choice mark’. They also enjoyed making dinosaur footprints out of clay and roaring into sound buttons and recording it!



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