This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been engaging in all sorts of spooktacular activities this week such as dressing up as witches, werewolves and bats and even made a magical potion! They have also shown a lot of interest in reading the story ‘Bear Snores On’ so they worked as a team to make a cave which they sat in to read the story together. Yoga has also proven to be very popular this week. The children were engaged and followed the instructions well while watching a Moana yoga video.

The afternoon class have been engaging in a lot of ‘messy play’ this week including activities such as mark making in  flour and painting outdoors on a huge sheet of paper! They have also been expressing their ideas for PE lessons, so this week we gave the children the opportunity to choose what they would like to do, the children chose, gymnastics, football and Yoga.



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