This Week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been concentrating hard, working on their fine motor skills this week, they have been looking for buried items in sand, using tweezers to pull them out. they have also been snipping paper, using the ‘tap a nail’ resource and threading beads on to string. During PE they have been engaging in different obstacle courses travelling, over, on through and around different equipment. They have also enjoyed different listening songs by ‘Sticky Kids’ .

The afternoon class had a visit from a bubble scientist at the beginning of the week. The children had the opportunity to join in and make bubbles of different size and engage in different experiments. They have also been practicing writing their names and listening games involving their initial sounds. Our literacy focus has been the story ‘rainbow fish’ we read the story then made a story map about a fish. They also enjoyed activities such as making collage fish, drawing fish of different colours and sorting ‘people and boats’. putting the right number of people into the correct number boat.



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