This Week in the Nursery…

Both Provisions have been celebrating ‘Book Week’. All the children have been engaging in activities based around our literacy focus ‘The Lion King’. We also had a visit from an illustrator, Liz Million. she came in and told us all about how she started her career drawing and showed us her to draw different animals, all starting with the same shape.

The morning provision have been exploring the different movements and sounds of animals from the African Planes. Using instruments, we made different sounds and noises, the children then associated the instrument to the way an animal moves, for example, the drum sounded like an elephant running. Using library books, the children had to find the animals who live on the African Planes and then attempted to draw them.

The afternoon provision enjoyed a game of ‘lion tag’, using Velcro belts and ribbons for tails, the children had to chase each other and take as many tails as they could before the time ran out. We also played an animal listening game and discusses how the different animals might move and then attempted to move like the animals. towards the end of the week we read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ which the children then enjoyed acting out, wearing animals masks to re create the story.





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