This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been helping to sort out our garden this week, we’ve been planting seeds and herbs and set up a bug hotel. the children have also noticed somebody has been leaving presents around the garden, all the presents lead us to believe we have a garden fairy!

They have also been playing football games in PE and showing off their kicking and catching skills.

The afternoon class began the week exploring the literacy focus ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We read the story and then acted it out with finger puppets. We then planted sunflowers which we’re looking at each day to see if they’re growing. The children are really enjoying helping to look after them.

We have also been using the infant playground to play whole class games such as hide and seek and what’s the time Mr Wolf.

Both Classes really enjoyed Friday, thank you to all the parents and family who attended and took part in the activities with the children.



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