Cracking Chris Connaughton

On the 15th of May, Chris Connaughton visited our school to teach the children about heroes and villains; he started the day with an exhilarating tale which you may know as ‘Perseus and Medusa’. He acted this out with great skill and immersed the pupils in fear, dread and excitement. We made a word bank of excellent vocabulary to describe the hero and villain before we were assigned a project. We wrote astounding stories and had an amazing time.  Thanks once again Chris.

Astounding Attendance Awards👍👌

On Wednesday the 17th of May, the juniors gathered in the main hall to witness the many students that had achieved 100% attendance last term. Firstly year 3 got their well-deserved certificates and crowded the awards box, hungry for toys to play with. Claps and cheers echoed around the hall as the pupils were crowned with their awards. An astounding amount of students were devoted to their work and wouldn’t miss a second.

House Captain Assemblies

Pankhurst’s Perfect House Captain’s Assembly 👌👌👌

On the 23rd of March, the studious Pankhurst house congregated into the main hall for the second house captain’s assembly of the year.  The topic was interesting and conveyed in bizarre, humorous way.  They used a YouTube video to show the theme and used a word puzzle for the reveal of the word: teamwork.  They first showed and discussed the video and gave a word puzzle about teamwork. We were dismissed and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and we thank the house captains for arranging the experience.

By Josh

Wilberforce House Assembly

On the 23rd of March everyone separated into their houses for a house assembly.

Everyone in Wilberforce was ushered into the music room for a speech performed by the house and vice captains. The year 6 talked about teamwork and how we could work well together to achieve success and victory for our house. We then watched a video about giraffes who helped each other dive into a swimming pool. Many of the students laughed as the animals performed tricks and flipped into the air.  All the children participated well with their answers and really inspired many of their fellow teammates. This was another great house assembly and we hope that everyone in Wilberforce continues to earn many house points and continue producing more wonderful ideas.

By Alyssa

Darwin house assembly 👌😀

A different assembly took place in Excalibur class. All of Darwin huddled in and the vice and house captains taught them a very good lesson.👍 Team work was the topic and they watched a video about giraffes using their buddy to practise their diving. I think everybody has learnt how they could earn house points by working hard and working together.

by James

Fantastic Nightingale Assembly👍👌✅

On Thursday the 23rd of July,  the Nightingale house (and so did the other houses) gathered in a particular part of the juniors to talk about how they could improve in terms of house points and sports day. Nightingale presented their assembly in the ICT suite; it was hard to get the whole Nightingale body into a small space, but eventually they huddled in. As the assembly got started, the house captains showed a video about a group of giraffes that worked together to practices diving. Not only was it hilarious, but it shared an important messages: Teamwork. So Nightingale learnt that all they needed to have was teamwork to, accomplish many things…

By Ekansh

Spectacular Spotlight Workshops 👯🎭🎼




















On the 6th and the 7th of March, Spotlights – a drama, music and singing company – came in and graced the student body with a wondrous workshop. They based this workshop on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for the Infants and ‘Gangsta Granny’ for the Juniors.

During this we made still scenes from ‘Gangsta Granny’ and played some fun drama games.

Thank you to Faye from Spotlights for coming in to Tubbenden.

Lovely Lost Things

On the 3rd March, various students were summoned to the front of the main hall during assembly to share wondrous Book Week learning that they had produced. Each and every piece of work was linked to a brilliant book called The Lost Thing; this was written by Shaun Tan. The book is a deep and complex story following an object which goes missing. Each year group were set various tasks to enjoy based on the book. For example Reception and Year 1 made models, and Year 6 innovated the book about a lost or abandoned plastic item which had been washed up on shore. 

Wondrous World Book Day 📚

On the 2nd of March, the student body rejoiced for a special occasion, world book day. On this day everybody dressed up as a character from their favourite book or book series to celebrate the excellence of reading. In both the Junior and Infant assemblies there was a huge parade to showcase the beauty of our costumes. We also ate an extraordinary lunch of building our own burgers and ice cream.

Brilliant Book Swap📚

On the 2nd of March, the juniors eagerly congregated to the music room for an annual celebration: the book swap. The pupils left old or read books in piles on tables and were congratulated with a choice of the remaining books. Everyone was keen to start their new books back in their classroom.  The welcomed event concluded at the end of the day and we thank Mrs Nash and Mrs Williams and their team of helpers for arranging the occasion.


Stupendous certificate ceremony 🎖

On Friday the 24th of February the entire student body congregated to the main hall to witness special pupils receive certificates for the amazing feats they achieved. Firstly, a boy in year 4 named Aligarh received a certificate for achieving a merit in a music examination.

Next, was the group of proud pupils that took place in the Quiz Club competition. They were rewarded with certificates. They did very well and we all wish luck for the next contestants next year!

Well done to them for what they achieved and good luck to them in future examinations and competitions.

Josh and Ekansh

Astonishing Award Assembly

An assembly, in which the entire student body congregated in the main hall, was held last week to acknowledge the various achievements accomplished recently by many students. These pupils had to stroll to the front of the hall to explain what they did and were also congratulated by Mr Turvey and all Tubbenden children.

Firstly, the four year 6 pupils that took place in the national Maths challenge-held by Explore Learning- explained what they did and how well they thought they did. They were congratulated with a medal 🎖 and a certificate. The students stated they enjoyed the experience and thought they did very well.

Secondly, a golf centre near Tubbenden saved up £1000 and donated it to our school. We all would like to say thank you to all those people that kindly did this.

Then, a child in year 5 shared his experience of being a mascot at the football match between West Brom and Tottenham.  Although he waited two years for this experience it was well worth; he got a Tottenham shirt signed by all the Tottenham squad.

Finally, a young boy named Shlock took place in a under 8 chess championship for in London. In the assembly he was given a trophy 🏆 as he had become the best under 8 chess player in London. Many congratulations to Shlock for this fabulous achievement and good luck for future competitions!