Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate Day in Reception

 Over the last three weeks, children in Reception have undergone intensive training to become a pirate!  They found a treasure map and made their own.  Then they went on a treasure hunt in the Early Years playground and retold their adventures.  After that, they got marooned on an island and wrote a message in a bottle.  Next they made their own pirate ship and tested it.  On Friday, they dressed up and talked like pirates, fired the cannons, climbed the rigging, walked the plank and finally followed the clues to sail the big bouncy pirate ship!  Congratulations Reception, you have completed your pirate training and are now official pirates!


Pirate 3 - Copy  Pirate 2 - Copy  pirate 11

pirate 9  Pirate 1 - Copy (2)  pirate 10


pirate 12  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Pirate 4 - Copy


Fire! Fire!

Fire 1

Reception’s topic on ‘People who help us’ was brought alive today when Orpington Fire Brigade came to visit the school.  The children were very excited to see the fire engine drive into the carpark and they all got to sit inside.  They learnt about the special uniform fire fighters wear and the equipment they use to put out fires.  Finally, they pretended to be real fire fighters by spraying water from the hose!

 We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Orpington Fire Brigade for coming to visit Tubbenden and for everything they do to keep people safe.

 Reception Team

Fire 2

Fire 5 Fire 4 Fire 3


Infant Grandparent Harvest Celebrations

Last Friday we were astounded by the amount of Grandparents who came to celebrate Harvest with the Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 children.

The children loved singing Big Red Combine Harvester among other Harvest favourites.

All the Grandparents then came to make various Harvest crafts in the classroom with the children.  They created ears of corn, handprint trees and hedgehogs.

IMG_2112 IMG_2116        Year 2 Harvest crafts

We would like to thank all the Grandparents for sharing in this wonderful event.  Please rest assured that we are thinking of ways to ensure you have a clearer view of the children next year.

IMG_2100    IMG_2101     IMG_2103

Rainbow Superheroes

super 4super 5 super 6
Dr Zorg kidnapped our class pet Henry Hedgehog last week.  We put up wanted posters and wrote to Dr Zorg but couldn’t find him anywhere.  So on Friday we all dressed up as superheroes and it was our mission to get him back!  Spiderman thought he had seen him in the garden.  We then followed the clues and finally rescued him in the vegetable patch!

We had a great day and are so happy we have our class pet back!

Super super 3 super 2

Rainbow Class


Good day!

During International Week we learnt about Australia in Rainbow class. The children who boarded the plane and came ‘down under’ learnt about the amazing landmarks and wonderful animals found there. We had fun recreating the Sydney Opera house out of paper plates and making our own cute Koala bears. We waved our Australian flags and wrote postcards home. We also looked at Aboriginal symbols and made boomerangs and paintings.  Finally we tasted the popular spread ‘Vegemite’ which produced a mixed reaction!

Strewth, what a busy day!

Aus2 Aus1 Aus9

Aus8 Aus7 Aus6

Aus5 Aus4 Aus3



In Pink class, for International Day, we have been learning all about Brazil. Children had fun in the photo booth making up their own Samba dance, playing with musical instruments and dressing up in fancy costumes replicating the carnival in Rio De Janerio. They went animal spotting in the Amazon Rainforest and explored using magnifying glasses to identify different insects. Did you know there are more than 70 000 different species of insects living in the Amazon Rainforest?!

They had a chance to taste the delicacies of Brazil during food tasting of Misto Quente’ (ham and cheese toastie), Bolinho de Chuva (cinnamon doughnuts) and Mousse de Maracujá (passionfruit mouse). The doughnuts were particularly popular!

Children also had the opportunity to practise their football skills to score as many goals as possible in a minute, build Christ the Redeemer using 3D blocks (linked to our maths topics) and collage the Brazillian flag using different resources.

Elmer Day in Reception

Elmer 3  Elmer 2  Elmer 1

Elmer 6  Elmer 5  Elmer 4

On Friday 1st May we all dressed up in our colourful, patterned clothes to celebrate Elmer day! We wore elephant masks and had our own parade. We even made up our own elephant dance! We also brought in food from our own culture to share, and found which country they were from on a world map. We love to be different as we are all special and unique!

Year 1 Launch Event for Plants Topic

On Monday we held a launch event for our Plants topic. Parents and Grandparents came in to help the Year 1 children create their own garden using a variety of media.

The event was very successful and everyone created beautiful gardens. There was a real buzz in the classroom and both the children and adults were very excited to create such lovely gardens.

Yr 1 topic c Year 1 topic b Yr 1 topic d

Y1 topic a