Nursery Weekly Newsletter 24/05/19

Dear Parents and Carers,

Morning Provision:

This week we have been exploring the phonic sounds of ‘s’ ‘a’ and ‘t’. Each child has been given a phonics book which we have been using each day after registration to practices writing our phonics letters.

A lot of children have been talking about going to ‘big school’ this week so we set up the role play area as a school. The children have been writing registers, trying on school uniforms and have even been pretending to be their nursery teachers!

We have also been using junk modelling materials to create a giant robot, the children have all really enjoyed engaging in this activity and enjoyed listening to stories about robots.


Afternoon Provision :

We have taken full advantage of the weather this week, the majority of the activities have taken place outside! we looked at different types of buildings from sheds, to hotels to skyscrapers and attempted to build them with out outdoor construction blocks. The children also helped to make ‘warning’ posters for our construction site.

During PE, we have been playing different listening games this week. We have also been dancing to lots of different action songs where the children demonstrated excellent listening.

We have been working on our counting skills in the maths area, using 2 number cards, we have been identifying the shown number, counting out unifix cubes to match then adding them together.

Home Learning:

For the half term home learning, we will be sending home an ‘art book’ made for your child. In the next available page, the home learning is to draw a picture of something from a different country and find out a fact about their chosen country. Please could you return these art books as soon as we return from the half term.

Photos of these activities or any other exciting news can be emailed to

Sports Day Teams:

On Friday the 14th June it is Sports Day! On this day, your child must still attend wearing their uniform however, they can wear a tshirt matching their teams colour! Sports Day teams will be your child’s key person groups. If Mrs Wood is your child’s key person, your child is part of the ‘Brilliant Blues’. If Mrs Short is your child’s key person, your child is part of the ‘Little Sunshines’ (yellow). If Miss Platt is your child’s key person, your child is part of the ‘Red Rockets’ and if your child’s key person is Miss White, your child will be part of the ‘ Lucky Clovers’ (Green). Mrs Seal’s key children have been divided up into the other key groups for sports day. We will let you know via your child’s green contact book which team they are on.

Sun Cream and Hats:

Please can we ask you send your children in with a sun hat labelled with your child’s name, It has been very hot this week and only a small number of children have been bringing hats.  Please also make sure your child arrives at Nursery wearing sun cream.

September Starters at Tubbenden School:

Please note, on the 18th June from 9.30-10.30 there is a meeting for parents of children starting in Reception at Tubbenden in September.

Tuesday the 2nd July, Parents of children starting at Tubbenden in September are invited to a coffee morning and to bring their children along to meet their teacher. On this day we ask that you take your children straight to the ‘meet the teacher’ and not to Nursery first. When the session has finished, if you wish for your child to stay at Nursery, please bring your child to our entrance door where we will register them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents of Children Starting Different Primary Schools:

Please can we ask, when you receive dates for settling sessions at your child’s new primary school, please let us know so we can mark in our diary when they will be absent.
Sports For Champions:

On Monday 10th June, the school is being visited by Olympic Athlete, Ezekiel Ewulo who competed for Great Britain in the Long Jump. We have sent home sponsor forms for a circuit we will be completing with his help. on this day, children are invited to attend Nursery wearing sports gear or maybe their favourite teams’ kit. Please remember children must still wear black Velcro trainers.


Dates For your Diary:

Monday 27th May to Friday the 31st May Nursery will be closed for the May half term. We return Monday 3rd June.

Monday 10th June is our athlete visit.

Friday 14th June is Sports Day! Parents are welcome to join us on the field from 10.30-11.30 to cheer on your child and their key person groups! please note, sports day will be held in the morning only. on this day afternoon children are invited to join us for sports day from 10.30, they can then stay and have a packed lunch with us.

Tuesday 18th June from 9.30-10.30 there is a  New entrants meeting for parents of children starting at Tubbenden in September.

Tuesday 2nd July from 9.30-10.30 children are invited to visit their new teacher’s and visit their new classes.

Tuesday 23rd July is the last day of term and also our end of term party! we will be having a bouncy castle, outdoor games and music and invite the parents to join us from 10.30 until lunch time to enjoy these activities with us. We also ask you send your  child in with a packed lunch on this day so everybody can have a picnic on the field together. Again, afternoon children are invited for the morning as this event will only be taking place in the morning.

Here are some photos of this weeks activities:



Have a lovely half term, we look forward to seeing you on Monday 3rd June : )

The Tubbenden Nursery Team

This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been continuing to show interest in our snails this week so have been exploring the different patterns on the snails shells and have even attempted to make their own snails using junk modelling materials. Using play dough and shaving foam, the children have been making ice creams this week, and used scissors to cut toppings of different shapes. At our literacy table the children have been trying to find letters of their names which were hidden in cornflour, shaving foam and jelly. They then attempted to try and write their names by copying the letters.

The afternoon provision have been exploring a lot of mark making activities this week such as large scale mark making with chalk, using their fingers to draw in sand and flour and using paintbrushes with water to draw in a tray. After a lot of excitement last week when our volcano erupted, the children enjoyed playing a listening game in PE about volcanoes, mountains, rocks and earthquakes. They also played a game of mountains and valleys. As a few of the children this week have been talking things that make them happy, we used play dough to make different facial expressions and discussed different things that make us feel happy, sad, surprised or angry.



This Week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been discussing the weather this week. We discussed the snow which fell on Tuesday night then started a weather chart where we have been recording the weather each day. The children also enjoyed learning a song called ‘What’s the Weather Like Today?’ Some of the children showed off their problem solving skills and went on a hunt around the classroom for ‘Tubby the Bear’. They followed lots of clues which led them to where he was hiding.

The afternoon provision have enjoyed learning about volcanos this week. On Monday a child saw a picture of a volcano which led to a lot of volcanic themed activities from drawing our own volcanos to making a volcano which erupted! Sequencing numbers has also proved to be a popular activity this week. The children selected numbered leaves then threaded them in the correct order on a piece of string.

All the children were excited to welcome our three new class members this week. Pikachu, Unicorn and Baby Simon, our Giant African Snails! we have been looking closely at how they move and the different foods they eat. There are a few eggs in the tank so the children are very excitedly waiting for them to hatch!



This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been identifying different pairs around the setting this week. it started with a child noticing two crayons were the same which to discussion of pairs. Towards the end of the week the children engaged well in an activity matching different items from the classroom to the correct pair. During the holidays, we painted one of our walls with chalk board paint so the children have been drawing their plans on the wall then making different building with various construction items.

The afternoon class have expressed a great interest this week in writing their name so there have been a lot of mark making activities this week from using their finger to draw letters in salt o using a paintbrush and water to write their initial letter. Some of the children have also been independently writing their names. This week we went on a ‘sensory walk’ around the school to see what different things we could see and hear. The children then completed a checklist and marked off the different things. Other activities this week include threading, football games in the garden and using tweezers to pull objects out of sand.


Nursery Trip to the Library (PM Only)

The afternoon children were very excited on Tuesday as it was their turn to go to the Library! Starting with a ride on the bus to Orpington High Street, followed by an afternoon of listening to stories, colouring in some pictures and learning about how a library works. We then got the bus back to the Nursery which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They demonstrated excellent listening and behaved very well throughout the trip.



Autumn Celebration

Thank to everybody who came to our Autumn Celebration. This week the children have helped to make biscuits by measuring and pouring ingredients and have been on an Autumn walk around the school collecting leaves for the leaf printing activity. During the sessions there were lots of Autumn related activities available such as leaf printing, making hedgehogs with play dough and a special treat of milk and homemade cookies!


This Week in the Nursery…

Due to a child being very excited about bringing in a leaflet about a circus, followed by a lot of discussion about clowns and circus acts, the Morning Class have been engaging in all sorts of circus related activities! During PE sessions they have been practising all sorts of circus skills such as balancing on tight ropes, juggling and gymnastics. They also made lots of tickets for their own circus!

They were very intrigued when they arrived one morning to find a tray full of shredded paper and some of our puppets. We read the story ‘Bear Snores On’ which is all about animals who hibernate followed by digging through the shredded paper to find the hibernating animals.

The afternoon class have recently shown a lot of interest in playing with the small world vehicles so we started the week learning about different types of transport. The children were very excited to share how they came to school and engaged well with a listening activity during PE about different types of transport. They also  used duplo to make cars which they raced along a track to see whose was fastest. While learning about different types of transport, the children expressed a lot of interest in emergency vehicles. During registration one afternoon the children took part in a quick quiz about who drives which vehicle. Using junk modelling materials, the children made boats which we tested the following day in our water tray to see if they floated or sank!


This week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been talking about different means of transport this week. During a PE session the children were very excited to play a parachute game which involved listening for their name to be called and running to the opposite side. They have also been developing their counting and number identification skills by selecting a toy boat with a number on and trying to count the correct amount of people to match the boat. In our outdoor provision, an ‘ocean’ was created in our water tray with lots of different sea creatures and boats, testing the boats to see how many people could fit before the boat sank!

The afternoon provision have shown a great interest in ‘the Gingerbread Man’ this week so after reading the story the children enjoyed drawing the characters and using puppets to re-tell the story to one another. They also had a special treat when we gave the children the opportunity to make gingerbread stars, they helped each other to measure the ingredients and mix the biscuit dough. Building towers has proven to be a popular activity this week, some of the children have been using unifix cubes to make long towers and have been looking at what’s taller, themselves or the tower.



A Go-Karting Win!!!

Over past weeks, six children from year six have been working together in groups of three to make two Go-karts…

On the 10th June they took part in the young eco engineers race, which consisted of them racing their two Go-karts against other schools. Team Inferno won all of their races and team Blaze won three out of six of theirs. Tubbenden was very successful in winning the award for team work. But best of all they won the young eco engineers trophy 2018 !!!!

By Sophie





A Football Win!!!⚽️

On 19th of April Tubbenden Football team played against Marian Vian Primary School. Battling hard, they managed to score a goal in the second half- fifteen minutes before the game ended. They carried on until full time and in their efforts were able to win the game!

By Carter