TFA Kids’ Cinema

This afternoon, the TFA has kindly produced a film night for all children who would like to attend. The tickets were at a cost however they also get Cinema snacks and drinks. Emoji Movie was the chosen filmed to be seen tonight. Everyone has been looking forward to this and the moment has finally come. We hope everybody has a fantastic time.

By Joana

Chris Connaughton

On Wednesday 10th January Chris Connaghton came to our school preforming a Robinson Crusoe play. In the play he used lots of props to make it more realistic and enjoyable. All the children had a great time watching the performance. We love having Chris come to our school it is lots of fun! The whole of year 6 are looking forward to another amazing and spectacular workshop! Thank you Chris looking forward to seeing you soon!

By Sophie and Keira

Millwall FC Visit

On the 6th December the Millwall team came in and talked to the year 6 children about how to keep healthy, their careers and football. They told us about their lifestyles and how important your education is. We are so lucky to have had them come in and talk to the year 6 children about their daily life.

By Hansika and Anna





House Captains Assembly

On Thursday 30th of November, the House and Vice captains were asked to host an assembly to remind and guide their house to the victory of the House cup. They were reminded of the qualities of Emily Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale,William Wilberforce and Charles Darwin.

By Amber




TFA Christmas Fair

Last Saturday (2/12/17) Tubbenden held their Christmas TFA fair. Lots of people attended and had lots of fun. Our classic event of Santa’s Grotto was another great success with the huge help of some yr 6 pupils taking the job of Santas’ elves. The kitchen had a wide range of food on the Christmas menu for their guests. For entertainment we had the Junior and Infant choir sing some Carols and a Christmas Jumper Competition. All of the TFA had worked and planned very hard to put the exciting event together so we would like to say a huge congratulations for making the fair fun and entertaining for all who attended. We also raised money for future projects and experiences.
By Joana

Gift Aid Assembly🎁

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the children who donated a present(s) to their class gift box. The Salvation Amy are extremely glad and impressed, well done Tubbenden. With all the presents so many children will have a happier Christmas this year! Thank you to all of the children, parents and teachers who attended the assembly and contributed to the Salvation Army.

by Jaydee




Chris Connaughton

On the 15th of November a guest Actor, Story teller and Author came to Tubbenden School. He kindly related all his amazing stories and performing to year 6s linked to their topic WWII. Despite the tragedy of war, the children learnt a lot about it. With a real meaning of the destruction and deaths Chris told the children a well-known poem called ” Dulce et Dercoum est pro patria Mori.” He hopefully will be returning and using his excellent skills to excite the children again. We extremely hope that all the children had a great time and were amazed by him.

Written by Jaydee

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Book Fair📚

Thank you to everyone who supported the Travelling Book Fair this year. The children were excited to view the books during the day and we really appreciate all those who came and purchased a book after school. This year we sold £1766.59 worth of books, which means each class will receive £45 in commission to spend on books for their class book corners (£25 each Unit classes).

Thank you so much to Mrs Toller and Mrs Felstead who once again helped to organise and run the event each day, and the team of parent helpers who came after school. This would not have been possible without you!

Rachel Nash

A Wonderful Harvest Assembly

On Friday 6th October the school had two amazing harvest assemblies. Every year-group had the chance to present their learning to the school and in the infants to their grand parents as well. A lovely set of well sung songs made the assembly a treat for the ears. Also a very special thanks to Mrs Poxon for organising it and Mrs Braddock for helping the children learn the songs.
By Harry



Last day in Shanghai

  The school building

  A tasty school dinner

              Children in class and the school library

  With some of the maths teachers at Shanghai East Experimental School  Most of the maths department

  With the vice principal, head of maths and Lynn, our partner teacher by the emblem of the school

  A review lesson looking at the most efficient methods for calculating.

As I gear up for my long flight home, I feel so privileged to have experienced school life in Shanghai – the staff have all been so welcoming and we have relished the opportunity to observe so many lessons and participate in the teacher research groups where they analyse the effectiveness of each session.  The teachers are highly committed to crafting lessons which move the children on quickly in small, coherent steps and they build on children’s prior learning very well.

We have observed many lessons and taken from all of them how skilled each child is in their retention of and application of number facts.  This was especially evident in a lesson where Year 3 children were challenged to make 24 from random selections of four playing cards.  The speed, confidence and enthusiasm with which they explained their methods was amazing. And the teacher was highly skilled in delivering the lesson.

Yesterday we taught a lesson to a Grade 4 class (Year 5) and it was such an experience! The children did their best to understand our English & we did our best to simplify our language! The children were a joy to teach and the discussion after the lesson was really valuable with both Chinese and English teachers sharing their ideas.  The staff of the school were especially interested in our choice of starting the lesson with the children estimating and making errors before focussing them into the correct answer. They were also interested in the addition of mini-challenges to extend the children who moved swiftly through tasks.  We were fascinated by the way they looked closely at each choice of question and task with a view to choosing the very best to maximise learning.  I am certain that teachers from both sides of the exchange will be making changes to their lesson designs and learning from one another.

As well as working, we have been fortunate to visit an ancient town with some of the teachers and to go for a delicious meal in a restaurant influenced by the cuisine of Hong Kong.  I have also seen my friend who has recently moved here to teach in an international school so have had an insider’s guide to this vibrant city!

Whilst I will be sad to board the plane home tomorrow morning, I am excited to share my experiences with my class and friends at Tubbenden.

See you all on Monday!