Triathlon 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

On the 1st of July Tubbenden took part in a triathlon at Warren Road school.
A triathlon has a swim,a cycle and a run which was quite tiring but it was still really fun. Our superstar runners did really well,they came 1st in most of the challenging races. In one race there was 3-4 people in every race,we swam 40 meters of a pool,600 meters cycling and 600 meters running. But overall it was a great time to be there.
By Will

Wonderful Dinosaur assembly

On Friday the 30th of June, an unusual event took place in the junior hall; a professional excavator performed an amazing assembly about dinosaurs. He focused on one particular dinosaur: the T- Rex. During the assembly, he presented to the school a three-week-old T-Rex, a footprint of a fully grown T-Rex and finally a giant 7 year old T-Rex. This was epic as they brought an actual 7-year-old T-Rex int the hall. The hall went wild with excitement as the dinosaur wondered around the hall. Year 4 got pictures with this beast as this was their topic. Thanks to Mr Adams for organising this event.

Perfect Pantomime

On the 15th of December, the whole school experienced an exceptional pantomime, named Cinderella; although it did not include all of the characters, the school enjoyed it greatly. The panto was jam-packed with songs, dancing and exhilaration. The children adored how astoundingly amazing the flawless actors were and how professionally they performed the outstanding act. The entire play was completed with only 4 actors and a group of volunteering children, who each debuted in certain scenes. The play encouraged the students to dance and sing along. We gave a huge thank you to the actors and the school for arranging the occasion and allowing us to watch this stunning spectacle.

By Josh and Ekansh


panto-2  panto-3   panto-4

Year 5 Put on a Good Show

On Monday 12th of December, Year Five performed their brilliant Christmas production to the lucky Year Six. I think the entire year would agree when I tell you it was absolutely perfect! I’m sure all the parents will love it when they see it – it will blow their socks off! Altogether it was thrilling, exciting and dramatic, making it a sight to behold. Years three and four sang beautifully.  Together they made the best of efforts and impressed us all, especially the teachers! The plot line was gripping and the acting was spectacular.  It was definitely a treat for all of us.  I could have sworn I saw Mrs Hawkins shed a tear when Father Christmas was captured!  Congratulations to Year 5 for organising and putting on such a phenomenal school Christmas play.

By Freddie, Alex and George

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Christmas 1 img_0444  img_0486

Tubbenden Terrific Netball Win

Yesterday Tubbenden’s netball team of Year 5 and 6 and girls, held a friendly match with the local Darrick Wood Juniors netball team. After a fun, practice match, the Darrick Wood team arrived. The game kicked off with amazing enthusiasm, and it was noticeable that Darrick Wood’s sneaky interception was fantastic and as was Tubbenden’s speedy escapes. The match ended and another started, this time the teams were even more determined than before. The game was on!  Finally the game finished and the teams sipped on orange squash whilst taking photos together. Tubbenden did win 3-2 but the game honestly was just for fun and both teams vastly enjoyed it. It was the first  match for both teams and we think they did an incredible job! Well done all involved.

Written by Ella netball

Yr 5’s strike ⚽️

After a long wait for a game, the year 5’s hoped for a fantastic score whilst playing some tremendous football against Warren Road. Awaiting for the whistle to blow, the eager year 5’s stood professionally, keeping their focused heads up. TOOT! The booming whistle was blown, the game was on. Suddenly, a extremely massive boulder fell in there path, 7 goals were scored in quick succession, what would they do? At half time, they said they would refuse to give up, if they could score 7, then we could! Some more confident than others, they roamed on. With plenty of time left, the referee blew for a Tubbenden free kick.  Grason stood up for the attempt on goal and thunder bolted a cracker and nearly broke the net. The keeper was stunned. With plenty of time left Tubbenden team fought on. Unfortunately, they did not score any goals with the time they had left, it was very unlucky, but they will come back fighting next time!

by Benjamin and James


Times Table Rockstars

Last week Miss Wollaston led a special assembly all about times tables. Before we went into assembly, everyone was given a number on paper – it caused much excitement! There were even some special ones with secret squares and triangles drawn on them.

As we were arriving, there were times tables questions with numbers missing, up on the big screen for us to solve. Our job was to figure out what numbers were missing, and then tell Miss Wollaston what we thought they were by showing our number cards.img_0199

After that, she picked all the children, who had the secret squares and triangles on their pieces of paper, to come up to the front. It was a mini competition: triangles against the squares.  They were tasked to answer some tricky multiplication questions and fight for points!


Once the quiz was over, Miss Wollaston explained that everyone has the chance to earn rewards for knowing their times tables – bronze, silver, gold, platinum levels and finally, if you’re a complete master, diamond status!  Once you have achieved your status for the year your task is to get quicker, increasing your speed of recall.

Miss Wollaston has signed our school up to ‘Times Table Rockstars’ which is a great fun way to practise. Remember to get your log in from your teachers to enable you to play at home. Try and improve your rockstar status – good luck!

Alex, Freddie and George

Tubbenden Beats Bullying!

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On Wednesday 16th November, the Junior children congregated in the main hall to witness an amazing ‘Anti-bullying’ show about respect. An expert came in and played four different characters: a pigeon, a teacher called Mrs Ruder, a cat and a girl called Sydney. By the end of the assembly, the school knew what the letters of respect represented: R for rudeness, E for everyone, S for self-respect, P for people, E for empathy, C for care and T for together. We recited an acrostic poem in class to remind us of the importance of RESPECT.

Every Year 5 and 6 class then had a spectacular session attending an awe-inspiring drama workshop. To warm up our minds, we played a game called ‘7s’: each person had to count to 7, but there were exceptions. Every time you said a number under 7 you had to tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Instead of saying 7, you had to say,”Self-respect,”and as you said this, you had to do a certain gesture with our hands. If we got anything wrong, whether movement or language, we had to sit down and tell something about ourselves to the other students. It was great fun.

After we played this game, we were split into groups and were each provided with a verse from the previously mentioned acrostic poem. Each group was told to interpret the stanza and form a still image, using only their bodies. The challenge was then to bring the image to life. The students thought outside of the box and were praised for our creativity by the man who was running the workshop.

A massive thanks to Mrs Mercer for organising the amazing day.


Josh and Ekansh