National Young Mathematicians’ Awards

On Wednesday 8th November , Tubbenden competed in the National Young Mathematicians’ Awards(NYMA). Our team consisted of two boys and two girls : Patrick,Harry, Naledi and Joana. The team faced a never-seen-before question, set by ENRICH, which included 3 challenges. After an hour of working in Explore Learning the team nailed it down to the last 10 seconds. Even though Tubbenden won’t participate in the semi-finals Miss Venn was very proud .

By Joana and Harry


Yr5 & 6 Netball Tournament 🏐

On the 31st of October Tubbenden’s netball team played a tournament . Over all the girls lost but won a few games as well, the girls tried hard and did succeed in a few games so their heads weren’t left in doubt. The girls will be sure to train hard and play more games and become the best that they can be.

By Carter and George



Popcorn Night 🍿

On the 3rd of November all children who got 99-100% attendance last year, got to watch a movie (Despicable Me 3). We are extremely proud of all the children, we hope they all enjoy this reward. We have had many children who got invited to see the movie after school. We put these rewards in place to encourage them to come to school every day. We hope that everybody who attended it had a fantastic time.
By Hansika and Anna


On the 31st October and the following Wednesday, several pupils took part in bikeability. On Tuesday they trained and took 2 tests to make sure they can ride a bike safely on the road. Then on Wednesday they took to the roads of Orpington and practiced a safety procedure. It was a lot of fun and a huge congratulation to any one who got a chance to compete at cyclist of the year. We hope that all the children really enjoyed it and learnt how to ride safely on the road.
By Harry





School Updates

Since school has begun, Tubbenden have had brand new updates adapting the school. In every building of the school we now have soundproof and fireproof doors. Now that we have had a new class joining us, Mr Turvey has ordered a temporary classroom on the field. While they stay and settle in there, the team are making a permanent building which will probably eat in to summer next year. In the Grand hall we also have a new ceiling with sun lights and bright L.E.D lights. An extra notice is that the tech team have introduced new chrome books which have Word Microsoft a touch screen and Google Classroom. A huge congratulations to the Tubbenden TFA and building team for bringing these new updates to our school.

By Jaydee, Joana and Harry







In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week the children have all been excitedly talking about their upcoming ‘Halloween plans’ and have enjoyed dressing up as monsters, reading spooky stories and developing their fine motor skills by picking up ‘spiders’ from a masking tape web using tweezers. They also worked as a team to carve a pumpkin and see what was inside!

Other activities included making shaving foam ice creams and ‘selling’ them to their peers and teachers and creating ‘castles’ from junk modelling following much research online as to what a castle needs to have and some builder’s small world play.

Science Quiz Victory

On the 19th of October , Tubbenden were invited to participate in a science quiz.The quiz took place at 9:50am and consisted of 4 teams. Other schools that participated include Green St Green and Balgowan. Down to the last question, Tubbenden snatched the trophy with over 1400 points! Well done Tubbenden!👍
By Lauren and Amber