This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been using the interactive whiteboard to play different maths games, mainly shape identification games which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. They also had fun making and playing with play dough, cutting different shapes and making treats for a ‘tea party’. The literacy focus on Friday was the story ‘Miss Spiders’ Tea Party’ the children engaged well in lots of tea party and insect related activities such as making play dough cakes and a went to an insect tea party!

The afternoon class have been working very hard, practicing writing their names and identifying their initial letter sounds. The children have also had a whole class discussion about which foods are or are not healthy and grouped them into categories. They also had the chance to go on a bear hunt!


A Royal Celebration!

The children had a great time celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there were many activities available such as making banners and bunting for the classroom, making their own crowns and designing cards and invitations! The sun was shining which made our lunchtime picnic even more enjoyable for the children as they sat on blankets and enjoyed lunch altogether outside on the field.


This Week In the Nursery…

The morning children have really enjoyed playing with construction toys this week so were very excited to see a tray full of diggers, mud and sand where they all engaged and helped each other to build different structures. They have also shown a keen interest in making and using maps so this week some of the children had the opportunity to go on a hunt for some of the Nurserys’ toys which a naughty bear had hidden on the field! Sports Day is fast approaching and the children are continuing to practice and work hard to try and win the races.

The afternoon children have had fun watching volcanos and talking about what happens when a volcano erupts. There has been an increased interest in puppets and puppet shows so the children created their own puppets and made their own stories which they acted out. The children have also been showing off their literacy skills on a letter phonic hunt searching for different items beginning with different phonic sounds.



This week in the Nursery…

The morning class have taken full advantage of the sunshine and have been playing outside on the field with the parachute and making dens and wigwams! The children loved decorating them with blankets. They have also been showing off their maths skills by playing all sorts of number identification games such as matching number bees to number honey pots!

The afternoon class have also had fun outside chasing bubbles around the field and making treasure maps which they used outside. They have been showing off their creative side using play doh to make different shapes and made some play doh cakes for their teachers to enjoy!


This week in the Nursery…

The morning class have continued to wow us all with their musical talents, playing instruments and singing and dancing around the classroom. They also had great fun when they came in to find a shaving foam ‘ice cream factory’, they made lots of yummy looking treats! A few of the children set up a hopscotch on the carpet with mats which they enjoyed taking turns and hopping along.


The afternoon class have been using different ingredients to make magical potions, casting spells on all their friends. They have also been showing off their counting skills to see who could build the biggest towers out of different construction toys and counting the bricks. A huge box was brought to Nursery for junk modelling, the children were excited to see it and used it as a boat! Following the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk, the children read the story then planted their own bean which we look forward to seeing photos of as they grow.




This week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been enjoying the literacy focus ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have engaged in activities such as drawing their own pigs, creating story maps and making their own straw, stick and brick houses! Our little Rock Stars have also had fun putting on shows for everybody, singing and playing instruments.

The afternoon Class enjoyed using scales to measure rainbow rice and other things in the nursery to see which pots have more or less. They also enjoyed a lot of junk modelling and another visit from Sportacus!

Both classes celebrated Saint George’s Day on Monday and had the opportunity to create their own dragons, make the English flag and they all listened to the Story of Saint of George.

On Wednesday All the children took part in the Sponsored Bounce organised by the TFA. Well done to all the children for gaining so many sponsors and doing so many bounces!

This week has been an exciting week for the staff who have been taking part in ‘Staff Challenge week’ the challenge was to create a healthy cooking activity with a clear learning intention and risk assess the activity. The children made mini edible gardens, cream cheese and fruit rice cakes, salad pitta pockets, healthy wraps and a fruit salad. Well done to all staff, the children really enjoyed all the activities 🙂


A Football Win!!!⚽️

On 19th of April Tubbenden Football team played against Marian Vian Primary School. Battling hard, they managed to score a goal in the second half- fifteen minutes before the game ended. They carried on until full time and in their efforts were able to win the game!

By Carter

This week in the Nursery…

The children in the morning have been having fun and getting messy feeling different malleable materials such as creating slime and making ‘Gloop’ with Corn flour. The children discussed the textures and enjoyed helping to make them, measuring out the ingredients. We took full advantage of the sunshine and had fun on the field, racing hoops down the hill to see who could roll theirs the furthest and  practicing for Sports Day!

The children in the afternoon have been exploring the instrument box making different sounds and creating music for their friends. Due to the children expressing a lot of interest in playing ‘restaurants’ the role play area was transformed into a pizza parlour where the children enjoyed making ‘pizzas’ and serving their friends, counting the orders and money. They had a nice surprise when Sportacus came in to do some activities with the children and we look to forward to having more fun with them in the coming weeks 🙂

All the children enjoyed sharing their Easter news, thank you for sharing it with us all!





Building a Go-Kart

Six members of year 6 are lucky enough to be able to take part in a project which includes building a go-kart. Two children from each class in year 6 are working in teams of 3 to create a go-kart that will be raced when finished. Each week we meet working on it in stages, near the end a design is put on the go-kart. A lot of hard work goes into it.

Here is a pic collage showing what they have done so far.

By Sophie

Gardening Club

Mr Maher has reintroduced her wonderful Gardening Club to all children in the Juniors. This club will run on a Wednesday Lunchtime.
We hope all new members will use their gardening skills to help our school in the future!