Aladdin Pantomime

Just before the Christmas holidays Tubbenden was lucky enough to be visited by Tickled Pink Productions. This year they performed an amazing performance of Disney’s Aladdin to the whole school. The children really enjoyed his performance and are extremely excited to see their next show. Tubbenden really enjoys their performances.

By Keira & Anna


Celebrating Differences

Tubbenden had an assembly on differences and how we should not judge people for who they are. We learned that if we were all the same then life would be boring. Celebrating differences is when we all come together to share what’s unique and to accept that we are all different.
By Carter

In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery the Morning Class have been exploring the topic ‘Show and Share’ and taking it in turns to share their experiences over the Half-Term break. They went on to create a scrap-book using their ‘Snap-shots’, photos and drawings which has been added to the ‘Nursery Library’.

The Afternoon Class have had fun exploring the Literacy Focus ‘The Runaway Pancake’ after so many children were excited to tell their friends about celebrating ‘Shrove Tuesday’ with their families. They drew the characters from the story, made ‘Story-Maps’ and went on to re-enact the narrative using puppets.

They finished the week by holding a ‘Talent Show’ following one child’s enthusiasm for magic tricks and treated their friends to songs, dances and joke telling with a variety of props to add pizazz to their performances.

All children enjoyed the opportunity to make pancakes both in the Morning and Afternoon sessions and they were pretty tasty!

The New Trim Trail

On the 19th of February the new trim trail was officially open. The school council and the TFA worked extremely hard and well together to complete it. A huge thank you to the T.F.A (Tubbenden Friends Association), school council and everyone else who helped out. The year 2’s are very glad and excited to move up into year 3 knowing they’ll have it there. All the children love it and can’t wait to enjoy it more. We hope everyone enjoyed the fruit kebabs which were kindly made to be a lovely reward.

By Jaydee




Yr 5 Christmas Play

Year 5 have been rehearsing their Christmas play ‘Scrooge’. They are trying very hard and will be performing the play soon. The children have had to remember all their lines, because they have been practising so much their play will be funny, and entertaining. As an excelllent result we have decided to write about it in our blog. Well done to Year 5 pupils and teachers for piecing together this wonderful show!

By Harry and George

Solution time!

Have you had a go at Mr Turveys trick? If so, here is the solution!

1- Have a piece of paper and scissors.
2- Fold in half (long side of page).
3- Cut the paper at the edge once, then turn it around to do the same.
4- Repeat instruction 3 until end of paper.
5- Now cut the flaps however, do not cut the first slip or the last 2.
6- Open the paper to complete the trick!
Warning: Do not cut the end flaps!

By Joana


Paper Challenge

In our last assembly, Mr Turvey presented an exciting yet classical trick : Can you go through paper? After he selected a few volunteers to try, he eventually revealed the answer. This whole challenge was based on not giving up on tasks even when they seem impossible. We wanted to see if you would have a go and see what the outcomes are! Please try this mind- bending puzzle and comment .
By Joana

TFA Kids’ Cinema

This afternoon, the TFA has kindly produced a film night for all children who would like to attend. The tickets were at a cost however they also get Cinema snacks and drinks. Emoji Movie was the chosen filmed to be seen tonight. Everyone has been looking forward to this and the moment has finally come. We hope everybody has a fantastic time.

By Joana

Chris Connaughton

On Wednesday 10th January Chris Connaghton came to our school preforming a Robinson Crusoe play. In the play he used lots of props to make it more realistic and enjoyable. All the children had a great time watching the performance. We love having Chris come to our school it is lots of fun! The whole of year 6 are looking forward to another amazing and spectacular workshop! Thank you Chris looking forward to seeing you soon!

By Sophie and Keira

In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week the children have been exploring the topic of ‘Show and Share’ with lots of opportunity to discuss what they got up to during the school holidays, share photos and create a book to be added to the ‘Nursery Library ‘ of all their adventures.

Below are some other activities that the children have enjoyed: