Year 6 and Life During World War II


On Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th, Year 6 went on two exciting trips to HMS Belfast and the Imperial War Museum. Currently Y6 are learning about World War II and so the trips were a great start to launch their thrilling new topic. The children write:

‘Over the two days, we explored HMS Belfast learning about how hard it was living and working on the ship, and took part in a workshop to learn about children’s lives in World War II. In order to find out about these children’s lives, we studied their different artefacts. We also took part in the challenge to become a spy. We learnt that spies were very intelligent because they hid weapons and explosives in everyday items. Y6 have thoroughly enjoyed their trips to the museums.

We were also very pleased to receive praise from a lady on the train who said how well behaved we all were.’

By Annabel Pradic, Erin Norman and Liam Banks, Y6

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