Cyber Safety Week

Last week, all the children were involved in Cyber Safety Week. The week started with a KS1 and a KS2 assembly to get the children thinking. Children in KS1 enjoyed watching a cartoon video clip illustrating how to stay safe on the internet. In addition, they learned a cyber safety song. Throughout the week they embarked on various role play activites and made ‘Power of One’ wristbands.

KS2 had a similar assembly which was based around internet safety, then followed up the week thinking about how we communicate with each other and how inappropriate messages are as bad as face to face bullying. The children also considered what was impersonal and personal information to them and what people they would give the information to.

The week ended with a ‘Power of One’ show which was drama based activities about different types of bullying e.g. cyber, face to face, exclusion and verbal. The children then had follow up discussions in class.

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