Discovering Dinosaurs

4 3Year 4’s new topic on Dinosaurs got off to a ferocious start, with two fantastic educational visits to London, where we learnt more about these prehistoric creatures.  On Wednesday 8th January 2014, we set off to the IMAX, London, to watch Dinosaurs Alive 3D.  There was laughter, screams and gasps of wonder as we were taken on an adventure through history, with three-dimensional graphics that were so good the children even tried reaching out to touch them.  This was followed, on Wednesday 22nd January 2014, with a visit to the wonderful Natural History Museum in London.  We spent the day exploring the Dinosaur exhibition, learning about dinosaurs big and small, scaly and feathery, carnivorous and herbivorous.  Thank you to all parents who came on the trip; a wonderful time was had by all.

4T, 4P and 4S

4 2   4 1

Exploring The IMAX…

On Tuesday 21st January, Year 3 went to the IMAX Cinema as part of our entry point to our topic on Explorers.  We saw two films, the first was in 3D and it made us want to reach out and touch the fish swimming towards us!  This film was called Under the Sea and it made us feel just like a diver exploring the seas!  The second film was called Roving Mars, this was in 2D, and we got to see two robots (rovers) get built to be sent to Mars.  We found out that this happened in 2004 and they were only meant to last for 90 days but recently in the news we read that the second robot called Opportunity was still sending information back to Earth.  We had a good time finding out about these two different environments and how explorers would tackle these two different terrains.

Imax 1      Imax 2

Pirates Land in Reception

On Monday, Tubbenden was invaded by 90 pirates.  They came ashore in the morning looking for Captain Blackbeard’s pirate ship.

The day started with a Cannonball Attack between the Jolly Roger and the Tubbenden.

R1    R2

Captain Blackbeard then left a pirate treasure hunt to find his ship.  The Reception pirates had to look for the clues all around the school.

R3    R4

Eventually the pirates were able to follow the clues and found the pirate ship.  They had a fantastic time on Captain Blackbeard’s ship.

R5    R6

For the rest of the day the pirates took part in different activities.

There was pirate training:

R8    R9

Pirates in action:

R10    R11

And finally Pirate recruits:   R12

R13     R14

Fitness Fun in the Nursery

Nursery Pictures January 2014 070    Nursery Pictures January 2014 115The Nursery is very keen to encourage our children to keep fit and healthy, so every opportunity is used by taking part in musical movement, yoga, circle games etc.

Sometimes before register we have a mini workout.

This week we exercised and observed the effects of activity on our bodies.

Nursery Pictures January 2014 073   Nursery Pictures January 2014 075

A Healthy Balanced Diet!

y2 healthy2  y2 healthy  y2 healthy 3

This term, Year 2 have been learning all about having a healthy, balanced diet. We have been finding out about the five different food groups, how much you should eat each day and where different foods come from.

We have been sketching and painting different fruit and vegetables, and we will be making other pieces of art using vegetables in the coming weeks.

100% Attendance

Congratulations to the 167 pupils who had 100% attendance for the Autumn Term. This represents excellent attendance and we congratulate these pupils. We will shortly be celebrating this in our attendance assembly.

Mrs Arnold, Family Worker