Pirates Land in Reception

On Monday, Tubbenden was invaded by 90 pirates.  They came ashore in the morning looking for Captain Blackbeard’s pirate ship.

The day started with a Cannonball Attack between the Jolly Roger and the Tubbenden.

R1    R2

Captain Blackbeard then left a pirate treasure hunt to find his ship.  The Reception pirates had to look for the clues all around the school.

R3    R4

Eventually the pirates were able to follow the clues and found the pirate ship.  They had a fantastic time on Captain Blackbeard’s ship.

R5    R6

For the rest of the day the pirates took part in different activities.

There was pirate training:

R8    R9

Pirates in action:

R10    R11

And finally Pirate recruits:   R12

R13     R14

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