Exploring The IMAX…

On Tuesday 21st January, Year 3 went to the IMAX Cinema as part of our entry point to our topic on Explorers.  We saw two films, the first was in 3D and it made us want to reach out and touch the fish swimming towards us!  This film was called Under the Sea and it made us feel just like a diver exploring the seas!  The second film was called Roving Mars, this was in 2D, and we got to see two robots (rovers) get built to be sent to Mars.  We found out that this happened in 2004 and they were only meant to last for 90 days but recently in the news we read that the second robot called Opportunity was still sending information back to Earth.  We had a good time finding out about these two different environments and how explorers would tackle these two different terrains.

Imax 1      Imax 2

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