Discovering Dinosaurs

4 3Year 4’s new topic on Dinosaurs got off to a ferocious start, with two fantastic educational visits to London, where we learnt more about these prehistoric creatures.  On Wednesday 8th January 2014, we set off to the IMAX, London, to watch Dinosaurs Alive 3D.  There was laughter, screams and gasps of wonder as we were taken on an adventure through history, with three-dimensional graphics that were so good the children even tried reaching out to touch them.  This was followed, on Wednesday 22nd January 2014, with a visit to the wonderful Natural History Museum in London.  We spent the day exploring the Dinosaur exhibition, learning about dinosaurs big and small, scaly and feathery, carnivorous and herbivorous.  Thank you to all parents who came on the trip; a wonderful time was had by all.

4T, 4P and 4S

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