Rainforest Day

In Year 3 we opened our new topic, about the Rainforest, by wearing green and brown clothes.  The whole day was spent thinking and learning about the Rainforest.

In maths, we had five different activities to complete – perimeter and area of animals and objects found in the Rainforest, how to get a family across the River Amazon and how to get three red frogs into the place of three blue frogs!   The favourite activity of all was estimating and weighing the fruits!  It was a challenge but we managed to solve the problems in the end!

We went to the SMILE room to read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. As the story was read we experienced Rainforest sounds and images.  We felt hot and the green lights made us feel like we were in the Rainforest.

y1 a          Book review             Y1 b

In the afternoon we wrote a book review about the The Great Kapok Tree.  Next, in partners, we had a go at trying to guess whether some statements about the Rainforest were true or false. Finally, we ended by looking at where the Rainforests are in the world and completed a map showing them.

Y1 c                       Y1 d

Y1 e                       Maths activities

Y1 f                       Y1 g

World Book Day – Thursday 6th March

This year we will be celebrating World Book Day which is on Thursday 6th March. All children are invited to come dressed as their favourite book character. There will be prizes for most creative and original costumes. In addition all children will be given a £1 book token to be swapped for a £1 book or to receive £1 off any book or audio book worth £2.99 or more in participating bookshops.

We are also planning to hold a ‘Book Swap’ on the same day to celebrate the enjoyment of reading and to inspire others to read. We are asking every child to bring in one or two books which are in ‘good’ condition and which your child has read. Then children will have the opportunity to swap their book for a new one they haven’t read before.  Any books that are left over, will be put into class book corners or the school libraries. Please send any books you wish to donate to school with your child on Thursday 6th March.

The success of this event relies on the number and selection of books offered. Please could you look through any books  your children may have at home that they no longer read and are willing to donate to others. They will be much loved and appreciated!

Many Thanks  and Happy Reading!


Mrs Veysey, Mrs Gray and MrsNash



Swimming Success

Saturday 15th February saw the following team of year 5 and 6 swimmers representing Tubbenden at Medway Park,Gillingham at the Kent Primary schools gala:
Tamryn Van Selm, Emma Sands, Zoe White, Maria Phillips, Callum Baronti, Eddie Sellar, Ryan Mansbridge, and Barnaby Spear.

The first event was a mixed medley relay and our team were in third place and heading for the podium – however a controversial disqualification sadly quashed the teams chances of a bronze.

After this disappointment things picked up dramatically with a first place for Callum in the 50m fly,  a second for Tamryn in the girls 50m fly – both securing a place in the finals gala. Eddie was next up to earn himself a place in the final in 50m breaststroke, Ryan and Zoe both secured finalist places in their 50m backstroke events.

Barnaby and Emma both put in stirling swims against tough competition in their 50m freestyle events.

The gala reached an exciting climax with the relay events – the girls were joined by Maria to valiantly swim the  medley and freestyle events. The boys secured 2nd and 3rd places in their events and earnt themselves places in the final.

This was the inaugural gala for Tubbenden and they certainly exceeded all expectations. It was great to see the swimmers bonding as a team and cheering each other on poolside – each and everyone gave 100%.

Thanks to Mrs Van Selm for organising the event, to Mrs Sellar and Mrs Baronti for managing the team poolside and to parents for their support from the gallery.

We wish the finalists the very best of luck at the finals gala on 22nd March ! 

Chinese New Year

This week we were very lucky as Mrs Xu came along to both junior and infant assemblies to share with us some of the traditions surrounding Chinese New Year. The children were very excited to see the traditional Chinese dragon in action. Thank you Mrs Xu for enjoyable and informative assemblies.


Class A Visit Christmas Tree Farm

On Thursday 13th February, Class A were extremely fortunate to have a break in the rain and enjoyed a fantastic trip to Christmas Tree Farm.  After a fun bus ride through the narrow country lanes we all arrived excited at the farm and collected our feeding buckets.  Despite the cold weather there were still lots of animals to see who were all eager to be fed.  We all thoroughly enjoyed feeding and stroking the goats, llamas, sheep, cows, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs and lots more.  After washing our hands thoroughly and a quick snack we hopped on the bus back to school having very much enjoyed our trip to farm.



Gardening Club

After starting Gardening Club in late October 2013, the children have achieved an enormous amount in a short period of time, bearing in mind we meet for only 40 minutes maximum one lunchtime per week and are at the mercy of the British weather!

The club has established a Cornus corner(dogwood) from which they were able to take hardwood cuttings to increase our stock for next year. They have also planted the concrete containers outside the main office with the ‘lasagne’ method( tulips at the bottom, ‘tete a tete’ narcissus  in the middle and crocuses at the top). So please look out for these as shoots are already beginning to show.

The children have also worked extremely hard weeding and refilling the raised beds in preparation for our fruit and veg planting.

In addition, we had a visit from Jane Wiseman from Coolings which enabled one child per year group to plant a pot of spring bulbs. Some of these bulbs are shared between classes and the remainder we are presenting to our neighbours in Deacon Leas as a spring gift from the pupils.


I would like thank all the parents, grandparents and carers who collected Coolings vouchers for the school. We have now received over £15 pounds to spend.

Tubbenden has also registered for the RHS Scheme for Schools and, as a result, has been sent two raised beds, which is fantastic. We have already completed the requirements for Level One of the Scheme and our certificate is on display in the reception area.

Mrs Maher

Yr 6 Maths Week

Here are some photographs of Year 6 enjoying Maths Week






Teaching parents






Helping Year 1 and 2 with Nrich

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Maths treasure hunt


Nrich activities – the children managed to construct the Soma Cube and were delighted!

Junior Citizenship Day

On 11th February, Year 6 attended Hillside Primary School for a Junior Citizenship Day.  The children learnt about how to be good citizens, the jobs of people in our community and even met Boris Johnson!  The children were a credit to Tubbenden and are sure to be star citizens of the future!


See more information about the day at http://www.demotix.com/photo/3901151/uk-mayor-boris-johnson-visits-hillside-school-orpington