Rainforest Day

In Year 3 we opened our new topic, about the Rainforest, by wearing green and brown clothes.  The whole day was spent thinking and learning about the Rainforest.

In maths, we had five different activities to complete – perimeter and area of animals and objects found in the Rainforest, how to get a family across the River Amazon and how to get three red frogs into the place of three blue frogs!   The favourite activity of all was estimating and weighing the fruits!  It was a challenge but we managed to solve the problems in the end!

We went to the SMILE room to read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. As the story was read we experienced Rainforest sounds and images.  We felt hot and the green lights made us feel like we were in the Rainforest.

y1 a          Book review             Y1 b

In the afternoon we wrote a book review about the The Great Kapok Tree.  Next, in partners, we had a go at trying to guess whether some statements about the Rainforest were true or false. Finally, we ended by looking at where the Rainforests are in the world and completed a map showing them.

Y1 c                       Y1 d

Y1 e                       Maths activities

Y1 f                       Y1 g

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