Maths Week

Last week the children thoroughly enjoyed and extended their learning during maths week. Many thanks to all who donated 5p coins. There were 1,132 5p  coins in the jar. Well done to Red class who had the closest estimate with 985, winning an extra twenty minutes reward time. With the additional coins added we raised a total of £102.95 for the school’s chosen charity, Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Look below to see some of the activities experienced by the children.



Year 4 enjoyed measuring out actual dinosaur sizes on the playground. Some were so large a trundle wheel had to be used. They enjoyed learning how to do sudoko puzzles and enjoyed the nrich road show.

 “I enjoyed the whole week because the maths was such fun.” (Kai Rogers)

 “I really enjoyed having adults in my classroom and telling them how to do the calculations.” (Donny O’Dea)

Performance Poetry

Yr 5 poetry 3           Yr Poetry 1  Yr 5 poetry

Year 5’s Literacy topic has been covering poetry, both narrative and performance. This began with a deep analysis of the poem ‘The Highwayman’ and ended with them creating their own wonderfully dramatic Space poems. The children really enjoyed getting into the role of their astronaut and can now use figurative language and emotion to describe a character and engage with the reader. If you are interested in reading these wonderful poems they are displayed in all of our classes.

Here are some examples of verses the children have written:

‘Dazzling crystals shone with bravery sealed in her peachy skin, Snow white diamonds glimmered through a greatly beaming grin, Golden curls tumbled past her pink rosy cheeks, His smile was like a light, light, light, His smile was like a light and for his love he seeks.’


‘His suit was as white as snow,

A broad smile which was always aglow,

His hair a dash of gold,

As Tom waved, waved, waved,

As he waved he felt a shiver of cold.’


‘I lean on the windowsill waiting for him to return home, I never felt so empty, never so alone, I still remember saying goodbye, love was at its best, But he’s still alive in one place, one place, one place, But he’s still alive in one place, and it’s beating in my chest.’

Big Dig

On Saturday 22nd March there will be the Big Dig when community groups all over the country work on outdoor projects. Tubbenden will be holding a TWIG morning from 9:30am to 12:30pm. This is a fun event that helps maintain one of the school’s best resources.

We would be grateful for offers of help. We’ll send a reminder nearer the time.