Learning is Fun in the Nursery

Here are some photographs showing the Nursery children enjoying recent activities.

Nursery Nepicar 2  Nursery Nepicar 1

When Nepicar farm came to visit on May 9th the Nursery children enjoyed touching and learning about many different animals.

Nursery TWIG

During visits to TWIG (Tubbenden Wild Life Garden) the children investigated the environment and observed many different plants and mini beasts.

Nursery Pictures dragon

The nursery children took turns to act out the story of St. George and the Dragon.

Nursery Pictures sponsored bounce

Nursery children had great fun participating in the sponsored bounce.


Tropical Smoothies

Smoothie 4  Smoothie 1   Smoothie 2

On Tuesday 13th May, 3S finished their Rainforest topic by making smoothies!

Last week we looked at some different fruits that grow in the rainforest and we had a chance to taste them.  Then we tried some smoothies that came from a local supermarket to decide what we would like our group smoothie to have in it.

We thoroughly enjoyed cutting up the fruit and blending them together – best of all, we got to try them!  Yummy!

We also decided to test Mr Turvey and Mrs Veysey’s skills at guessing tropical fruits – well done to them with only a few clues and a little taste they managed to guess what we had used.

Smoothie 3  Smoothie 5  Smoothie 6

Year 3 meet a Rainforest Ranger

Ranger 2      Ranger 1

On Tuesday 13th May, Year 3 had a visit from a Rainforest Ranger.  She told us about the animals that live in each layer of the Rainforest and then we had a chance to see and hold some of them – well the smaller ones anyway!

3S really enjoyed seeing all of the different animals and finding out about how and where they live, what they eat and lots of funny and disgusting facts!