Sports Day 2014

On the 17th July, the Juniors finally managed to get out to take part in sports day.  Well done to all the children who were incredibility well behaved and it was great to see all the year groups supporting and encouraging each other.

We had some very close run relay and flat races towards the end and the points shot up for each House Team.  Mrs Bruce and Mrs Gamble counted, checked and verified the scores, here are the places:

4th Place Darwin

3rd Place Wilberforce

2nd Place Pankhurst

1st Nightingale

Well done to the Nightingale House.

Thank you to all of the staff who made it run smoothly at such short notice and a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs Archer who helped set up the events in the morning and tidied the equipment away.    Miss Tidbury

sport 4 sport 5 sport 7

sport 8  sport 2  sport 1

sport 10  sport 9  sport 3

Band on the Run

Last week we were treated in Assembly to an amazing concert by our new Band! Some children in Year 4 took the opportunity to take part in a five-week (fairly) intensive course to learn an instrument. The results were amazing, and showed just how much can be achieved in a very short space of time! It was great to see how much they enjoyed the experience, too!

Nearly all of the children elected to continue with their instruments, and hopefully they will be joined in the Autumn Term by some children from the current Year 3. We’re hoping to have big band by Christmas!

You can double click on the pictures to enlarge them.

IMAG0355 DSC_0823 DSC_0826 DSC_0829 DSC_0833 DSC_0834

Mathemation 2014

Congratulations to the five Year 5 children who attended Ravenswood school on Wednesday 9th July to take part in the annual mathematics competition. Although they did not return with the trophy this year they did extremely well, answering seven rounds of questions, some requiring up to twenty minutes intense concentration to solve the problem. They worked well as a team and demonstrated excellent subject knowledge.


Well done to all!

Mrs Bruce

Success at Athletics Competition

ath 5

On Monday 14th July, pupils from Tubbenden Primary School took part in Bromley’s Primary Schools Athletics Competition.

We had success in the 150m, Molly came 5th; in the 75m sprint, Charlotte came 3rd; and Tyreece came 4th in the standing long jump.

ath 1

Commiserations to Adam who was injured so could not run in the 150m final.

Well done all of you!!

Mrs Mercer Miss Tidbury

ath 2  ath 3  ath 4

Teachers to Tubbenden


We were delighted to welcome our four new teachers to an induction day last week. From Left to Right: Miss Davison (Yellow Class), Miss Wilkinson-Boram (Year 1), Miss Hallums (Reception) and Mr Adams (Year 4).

We look forward to seeing them in September when they start here!

Year 6 Bikeability

Congratulations to Poppy Thody of 6P came first in Tubbenden’s competition for road safety bike helmet design. She won a bike helmet!!

Congratulations also to Edward Howard and Yael Hartiggai who were runners up.

Well done to all children who entered.


Celebrating Writing at the Keeping Gallery

On Tuesday the 8th July, Caitlin, Gbejule and Ruth from Yr 1 were invited to the Keeping Gallery to share some of their outstanding writing with children from other schools in the borough. They each read one of their own compositions and were excellent representatives of the school. We were very proud of the way in which the girls spoke clearly and confidently. Well done!


Year 4 Learn to Cook

On Tuesday 1st July, 4S had the exciting opportunity to cook a delicious pasta meal in their classroom.  Year 4 are currently studying the topic of ‘Food and Farming’, in which they have been exploring what is in the food we eat and where the ingredients come from.  To bring their learning to life, they decided to make a practical pasta dish using fresh indredients that they had chosen together.  The meal was cooked in the classroom using brand new portable indution hobs and an induction pan set that was kindly bought for us by the wonderful TFA.  Whilst Miss Venn and her army of children chopped and cooked, they learnt about the importance of hygiene and safety when preparing food and how the ingredients change through cooking.


The dish was made vegan and gluten-free so that everyone had the chance to have a taste.  Even though many of the children were wary and had said they did not like some of the vegetables in it, everyone tried the dish and said it was delicious.  They even came back for seconds until it was all gone!


We would like to say a big thank you to the TFA for helping us to buy the equipment and everyone who has helped in raising money for our school.


Year 5 Enterprise Success at the Summer Fayre

After two weeks of preparation to run a stall at the summer fayre, the Year 5 enterprises worked extremely hard on Saturday, resulting in an overall profit of just under £500, despite having to set up the stalls indoors! It was a brilliant learning experience for all the children, who developed their independence and business skills, whilst also having great fun.

Ent 2     Ent 1     ent 8

ent 7    ent 6      ent 9

ent 5    ent 4      ent 3



Year six’s TATEtastic journey in London!

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

On the 3rd July 2014, Year six pupils who were not in France visited the Tate Modern in London. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day, and learned plenty about Art!

We began our journey, chatting excitedly, by walking to Orpington Station, where we took a train to London Bridge. Our group then took a long stroll around London, seeing iconic sights and places, such as the notorious Clink prison, once one of the most daunting prisons in London, and the Globe, a theatre where people come to watch Shakespearian plays. It was a wonderful tour in the glorious sunshine!

The Globe

The Globe

Once we passed through the massive entrance of the Tate, we were provided with headsets that would give us extra information on the paintings, drawings, and sculptures we would see.

We began our journey on level two, filled with sculptures and portraits by surrealists. Surrealists prized the power of unconscious thoughts and dreams when creating their artwork. The exhibits featured odd yet stunning works by the likes of Jannis Kounellis’s untitled works, Giorgio de Chirico’s the uncertainty of the poet 1 913, and Henry Matisse’s standing Blue Nude 1952.

Level three had expressive abstracts on display, many based on World War Two. They showed violence and war through humans, such as Richard Hamilton’s Swingeing London, and Germaine Richier’s Shepherd of Landes 1951.

Swingeing London

Swingeing London

Ile de France

Ile de France

The final level, level four showed abstracts from the early 20th century, very popular among many of us. There were two wings, Structure and Clarity, and Energy and Process. My favourite picture was in Structure and Clarity, and was called Ile de France by Jean Helion.

We rounded off our trip by visiting the gift shop and buying ice creams to cool us off!

The trip was a great success, with each and every pupil taking something from the day. We all hope the Tate Modern will continue to show great pieces of artwork to inspire future generations as it has inspired us. So all in all, it was a great day out for Year 6.

By Ellie