Caradoc Visit Crofton Roman Villa

On Wednesday 24th September, Caradoc Class went to visit Crofton Roman Villa. First we had a talk from an Archaeologist, who told us about the discovery of the Villa in 1988.   She also told us some Latin words like tessera and hypocaust!

 Caradoc 2      Caradoc 3

We split into two groups, some of us made mosaics. Some of us did a brass rubbing. After, we swapped over!

Caradoc 4

Next the lady told us about Roman rubbish, and how interesting it was – you could find out how they lived and what they ate – NO POTATOES!

Caradoc 5

Caradoc 6 Four children got to dress up as Romans.

Caradoc 7

Finally, before returning back to school we looked at some artefacts and drew them.

We learnt a lot about the Romans and their treasures.