Tubbenden Cause a Splash!

On Monday 20th October, 16 children from years 5 and 6 represented the school in the Bromley Schools Annual Swimming Gala. We got off to a good start, with the individual swimmers making a real impression on the competition. Next saw the start of the exciting relay races, where the children worked really hard as a team, ensuring all handovers were seamless and effective. Finally, came the big finale, the squadron race. The double scoring race consisted of 4 boys and 4 girls, each swimming a freestyle length of the pool.

Eddie, who got us off to a good start, with a confident dive off the blocks handed over to Emma, who didn’t waste her time in the pool. She passed over to Pablo, who took a flying dive over her. Next saw the turn of Eleanor, who thundered down the pool to handover to Ronnie, at this point we were pulling away from the competition. Lily was up next, who made our lead even bigger. We were really starting to enjoy ourselves! Barnaby stood boldly on his block, anticipating Lily’s arrival and made a fearless stretch for the penultimate length. When he had finished playing his role, Tamryn had an unassailable lead and duly powered home to give Tubbenden the win they so rightly deserved, contributing to our overall third place podium finish.

Swimming (4)

I want to say a massive thank you to all the helpers and supporters for their outstanding encouragement from the stands and a special thank you to Mrs Van Selm, who helped organise the team seamlessly.

A thoroughly enjoyable day out for all.

Miss Tanner

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