Year 6 Evacuation Trip To

On Friday 7th November 2014, Year 6 went on a surprise trip to ChislehurstCaves for the theme day which linked to their topic: WW2.

First of all, the Year 6 children went to Miss Wollaston’s class room. Then Mr Turvey came in giving bad news as Year 6 went back in time to 1944, to be EVACUATED…

After a long stride, to the totally non-electric train (!), we hopped on and finally reached our unknown destination.

Then there was a sign that made everyone gasp in excitement, the sign said… CHISLEHURST CAVES!!!!

As the poor children dragged their tired feet along the ice-cold stone in the dark caves, they explored what could be their new home for the coming years. Eventually, they had to do a blackout and everyone screamed with fright when a series of bombs exploded. Once the blackout was finished, we headed out of the caves of melancholy and fright, heading back to the non-electric trains, to go school, so we could carry on our theme day.

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