This Week in the Nursery (26.1.15)

This week in the nursery we have been excited to be exploring the topic of music and lucky enough to have enjoyed a visit from Jolly Dinosaurs, which was a great opportunity for the children to play some instruments and have a dance.

P1090855 P1090792 P1050644

We have also had some very special guests in the nursery this week sharing their musical talents including Louella’s Dad (AM) playing the Ukulele and the Saxophone and Mr. Turvey playing the Mandolin and Guitar!

P1090860  P1090862  P1050657

The role-play area has been turned in to a Music Studio and the children have been very creative making up songs and performing them for their peers.


The trip to the Royal Institution

The trip to the Royal Institution was a mind configuring experience!!!

On Monday 19th January 2015, 12 year 5s and 6s put their science skills to a test! At the Royal Institution the children (who were extremely intelligent by the way) were put to the task of extracting their own DNA!dna a

Finally after a long but chatty walk, the museum was in sight. As we met with our scientific expert, for a day, no one could take their eyes off the amazing exhibits, but no matter, as we started our workshop nearly instantaneously.

As soon as we arrived we all had to put on a lab coat and a VERY sticky pair of gloves. After sitting down rather excitedly, we got to work on our necklace. The first step was the disgusting part that was not that disgusting!

At the time of the task it was a bit of a mystery, but it was revealed later. Carefully we placed our fingertips on the outside of our mouths and started to chew. After 30 seconds, our guides went through lots of steps and by the time we were done, we had our own DNA in a test tube. Then we added some chemicals and we had our own, personal necklace with our own DNA in it. Now, whenever we look at it, we can see our own DNA strands in it.


By Barnaby Carn, Emma Sands, Ben Bright and Norah Dominois


Monsters and Giants

To launch our Monsters and Giants topic, Year 2 dressed up as monsters and mythical creatures. Throughout the day the children had the opportunity to write descriptions of their creatures make junk models of monsters and take part in a monster parade. A frightening yet exciting day!!

Mon6 Mon5 Mon4

Mon3 Mon2 Mon1

This Week in the Nursery (19-23 January)

As part of our topic on transport, the morning children made boats from junk boxes

P1090650 (2)  P1090651 (2)

The children put vehicles in paint and made tyre marks

P1090668 (2)  P1090670 (2)

They tested out their boats to find out if they would sink or float

P1090676 (2) P1090691 (2) P1090682 (2)

The afternoon children discussed their journey to Nursery and then they drew maps

P1050478 (2) P1050496 (2) P1050497 (2)

The children made banana smoothies

P1050517 (2)   P1050534 (2)

P1050540 (2)   P1050547 (2)



Afternoon Nursery Children Learning About ‘Opposites’

Kate 1a Kate 2a Kate 3a

The children felt solid jelly in the packet and then watched it turn to liquid when the hot water was added. They discovered that it turned back into a solid after it had been in the fridge, but the most exciting part was eating it!

Kate 4a Kate 5a Kate 6a

The children played with the blue ice and then watched as it melted into blue liquid – which is why they may have gone home with blue stained hands!


Over the last 16 months we have been working on BLP – Building Learning Power.

See page on our website:

Last term we focused on ‘Resilience’. This term the ‘learning muscle’ we will be focusing on is ‘Resourcefulness’. This means we want the children to:

  • be more INDEPENDENT, using tools such as dictionaries and thesauruses;
  • ASK MORE QUESTIONS of themselves and others;
  • develop their creative and imaginative THINKING, eg thinking around problems;
  • MAKE BETTER CONNECTIONS between learning experiences;
  • construct good ARGUMENTS and justify opinions.

On Monday in Assembly Mr Turvey set the children an unusual New Year’s Resolution, which is to ‘Ask More Questions’ – even if it seems silly, even if they think everyone else knows the answer and even if they think nobody knows the answer! So parents, if your child keeps asking lots of questions please encourage them by helping them to find out the answers.

Year 6 VE Day Celebration!


Tuesday was a great day for Year 6 when they ended their topic in style!  Dressed up in wartime clothes, the children performed an amazing show.  The pupils also shared their lovely ration cookery, which was also enjoyed by the parents of these determined souls.  Near the end, three hardworking children presented their Genius Hour projects – the Genius Hour is an initiative that Year 6 have been involved in where they investigate their own question and create a project.  A great PowerPoint was presented by George, there was magnificent research from Talliah and an outstanding tank made by Ainsley!

We show gratitude to all the parents who came and all the Year 6 teachers for supporting the children.


By Ximan Mao, Excalibur Class