Over the last 16 months we have been working on BLP – Building Learning Power.

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Last term we focused on ‘Resilience’. This term the ‘learning muscle’ we will be focusing on is ‘Resourcefulness’. This means we want the children to:

  • be more INDEPENDENT, using tools such as dictionaries and thesauruses;
  • ASK MORE QUESTIONS of themselves and others;
  • develop their creative and imaginative THINKING, eg thinking around problems;
  • MAKE BETTER CONNECTIONS between learning experiences;
  • construct good ARGUMENTS and justify opinions.

On Monday in Assembly Mr Turvey set the children an unusual New Year’s Resolution, which is to ‘Ask More Questions’ – even if it seems silly, even if they think everyone else knows the answer and even if they think nobody knows the answer! So parents, if your child keeps asking lots of questions please encourage them by helping them to find out the answers.

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