This Week in the Nursery (19-23 January)

As part of our topic on transport, the morning children made boats from junk boxes

P1090650 (2)  P1090651 (2)

The children put vehicles in paint and made tyre marks

P1090668 (2)  P1090670 (2)

They tested out their boats to find out if they would sink or float

P1090676 (2) P1090691 (2) P1090682 (2)

The afternoon children discussed their journey to Nursery and then they drew maps

P1050478 (2) P1050496 (2) P1050497 (2)

The children made banana smoothies

P1050517 (2)   P1050534 (2)

P1050540 (2)   P1050547 (2)



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