The trip to the Royal Institution

The trip to the Royal Institution was a mind configuring experience!!!

On Monday 19th January 2015, 12 year 5s and 6s put their science skills to a test! At the Royal Institution the children (who were extremely intelligent by the way) were put to the task of extracting their own DNA!dna a

Finally after a long but chatty walk, the museum was in sight. As we met with our scientific expert, for a day, no one could take their eyes off the amazing exhibits, but no matter, as we started our workshop nearly instantaneously.

As soon as we arrived we all had to put on a lab coat and a VERY sticky pair of gloves. After sitting down rather excitedly, we got to work on our necklace. The first step was the disgusting part that was not that disgusting!

At the time of the task it was a bit of a mystery, but it was revealed later. Carefully we placed our fingertips on the outside of our mouths and started to chew. After 30 seconds, our guides went through lots of steps and by the time we were done, we had our own DNA in a test tube. Then we added some chemicals and we had our own, personal necklace with our own DNA in it. Now, whenever we look at it, we can see our own DNA strands in it.


By Barnaby Carn, Emma Sands, Ben Bright and Norah Dominois


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