Year 6 Junior Citizenship Day 2015

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On Tuesday 24th February, Year 6 went on an exhilarating school trip to Hillside Primary School for Junior Citizenship Day. The coach, which was jam-packed with the students, was bustling with excitement. After a 10-minute ride, Year 6 had arrived! Full of anticipation, they flooded out of the luxurious coach and into the lovely school that was Hillside Primary.

As they strode maturely into the welcoming reception, Year 6 followed Helen, the kind organiser, into the P.E. hall, which was also where the activities were taking place. A group of Year 6 children from Chelsfield Primary School joined us. There, our organiser split each group into each activity. The whole event consisted of eight small events: RNLI Coastguard Service, Metropolitan Police Service, Bus Safety, Fire Brigade, Park Rangers, London Ambulance Service, Battersea Dogs and Cats and Underage Sales Safety.


Each group was given a score sheet. The leader of each small event was to give us points depending on how well we listened and understood the topic. At the end, after our exciting activities, Helen announced the winner. The group’s leader was Ms Smith and the people in the group were: Freddie Bury, Jerry Xu, Kieran Rowland, Jacob Mellor, Callum Hughes, Talliah Naudi and Emma Willey. The other groups were called: The Octonauts, Bugsy Malone, The Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Chelsfield Double Decker, Galibur and Da Bossez!

All in all, it was a terrific experience and we learnt many things, including how to save someone’s life, what to do when faced with a fire, the meaning of different coastguard flags and how people who sell goods, such as cigarettes, to underage buyers can be caught!

Report by Tom, Jerry and Lenny, Year 6




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