Maths in Year 1

This week Year 1 children have been exploring caluculating using Numicon.  We used the Numicon to make number bonds to 10.  It is also very useful in finding the difference between two numbers.  Ask the children to explain how we used Numicon this week.


In The Nursery This Week (w.b. 5.2.15)

This is our second week exploring the topic of Music and the children are still greatly enjoying the music studio role play area! We have been dancing to music from around the world including African and Salsa styles and attempting some of the traditional dance moves! It was a great work out for everyone!

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A big thank you to Mr and Mrs. Salins (Naysa’s Parents) who came to visit us and played the guitar and sang songs and to Mr. Dolovich for coming and playing the piano to us all.

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Some  of the children have been really interested in trying some simple sums and this week many have been exploring addition. The children really enjoyed separating their friends in to different sized groups and then adding them together again as well as in 1:1 activities.


Year 4’s Division Lesson

On Thursday 29th January, Mr Ferguson’s maths set (The Barmy Army!) taught Mr Adam’s and Mrs Poxon’s maths set long division and clarify short division, in formal method.

The barmy army was separated into two, and each half went to either Mrs Poxon’s class or Mr Adam’s. They had carefully planned the lesson out for a more enthusiastic one for the children.maths x

Each pair or group of children had at least 3-5 children to teach this magnificent method of formal division. They also had many resources to help the children.

First of all, we introduced ourselves and asked the children what their names were. Secondly, we tested their brains with a quick a game of times tables and went through what they already knew in division. After that, we introduced this formal method to the patient children.

They enjoyed it very much

342 as they were very keen on learning new things


maths 1




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On the 30th of January 2015, the Year 6 classes had Chris Connaughton come in and do a play about the story of Robinson Crusoe. His play had all the elements of the book just in a much simpler form. Then each class had an item from the play and thought about it to help their writing. After that we had 3 writing tasks to do in our Robinson Crusoe booklets given to us in the  morning;  the first task was a diary entry for the first day on the island, the second was a letter home for the last time and finally we had to create a map of our type of Robinson Crusoe island. It was a really fun, eventful day that Excalibur, Galahad and Lancelot really enjoyed.          DSCN4017 yr6




By Eve Smith, Excalibur Class