In the Nursery this week…

This week the children have been really busy exploring the topic of “Health Matters” and learning about all the things our body needs to be healthy. We have talked about healthy/unhealthy food choices, explored lots of different ways we can exercise to keep our bodies healthy and the importance of brushing our teeth regularly.

The children explored balancing, climbing apparatus and yoga. Thank you to Zakariya’s mum for leading the yoga session for us it was fantastic!

P1110269 P1060566 P1110266

Isabelle’s Plowman’s mum brought a very special friend with her to show the children the importance of brushing their teeth regularly and avoiding sugary snacks. Luckily no one had their fingers snapped off by the cuddly croc!

P1060572 P1060568

The children were able to identify and categorise different foods deciding whether they were healthy or unhealthy in this large-scale maths activity.


The children who attend Afternoon sessions at the Nursery had a great time showing off their athleticism this week with a Sports Day event! They have been practising hard and we were very proud of their sportsmanship throughout the activity.

P1110356 P1110323 P1110364

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all parents that participated in the Parent’s Race and congratulations to Martha’s dad who came first!

P1110362 P1110363



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