In the Nursery this week…

This week we have been exploring the topic of “Starting School” and the children have enjoyed reading books about the topic and playing in our school role-play area. It has also been a very exciting week as we have been preparing for the “End of Year Performances” and party!


The children have been practising putting on school uniform and have even been taking on the role of “Teacher” by taking the register in the school role-play area.


The children used fine-motor skills and explored healthy eating practises by making fruit kebabs to be shared with parents at the Open Evening. They were very tasty!


The children have enjoyed playing board games this week such as Ludo in small groups.


Holly Knight has been very excited to tell all her friends about her new baby brother Harry! The children enjoyed talking about all the things you need to do to look after a baby.


In the Nursery this week…

This week the children have been exploring the topic of “Summer Holidays” and have enjoyed discussing all the places they have been and plan to go, the different transport they might use to get to their destination and practising their scissor and mark-making skills by cutting and sticking holiday brochures to create postcards.


These ice creams made from tissue paper and card looked almost good enough to eat!


Thank you Mrs. Buys for sharing some “sing and sign” songs with the Nursery this week it was lots of fun and the children really enjoyed practising the signs.


The children explored matching numbers to quantity in this dominoes activity.


Developing fine-motor skills was given an added sparkle with this glitter and glue activity using tweezers to make fantastic shiny pictures.

P1060616 P1060617

The morning children were very graceful during a ballet activity in the hall.

A Splurge-tastic Performance

On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th July, the very talented Year 6 put on an outstanding performance of Bugsy Malone.  With beautiful singing, fantastic acting and a hilarious splurge fight, the children certainly entertained their audience.  It was a fantastic way for the Year 6s to end their time at Tubbenden and will certainly be a performance to always remember.

 We would like to thank all the children, staff and parents for all your help and hard work.

Bugsy 1 Bugsy 2 Bugsy 3 Bugsy 4




Year 2 children and parents celebrated the end of the Predator Topic by creating a jungle shoe box habitat. Children designed their habitat and created the predators using a range of collage materials. The habitats were alive with prowling tigers, sly snakes and calculating crocodiles! Well Done Year 2 children and parents. The jungle habitats look wonderful.






In the Nursery this week…

This week the children have been especially busy! We were very proud of the Morning children who had great fun participating in the “Sports Day” event and despite the extremely hot weather were very well behaved and showed good sportsmanship. On Thursday the children brought their favourite teddies to Nursery for a “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” and took turns to tell their friends their teddy’s name and make up stories for them. We have been exploring the topic of “Summer” this week and the children watched a film about how bees produce honey and went on to paint their own bee pictures.

The morning children were very proud to receive medals for their efforts at Sports Day this week.


The Afternoon children enjoyed a trip to the Tubbenden Wildlife Garden to see if we could find any butterflies.

P1110408 P1110413

Painting stripy bees was great fun!

P1110417 P1110390

The teddies had a great time at the Teddy Bear’s picnic and so did we!