Evacuation Adventures Underground


Year 6 continued their learning about World War 2 with a visit to Chislehurst Caves, on Wednesday 23rd September.  Dressed for the part, the children (and adults) were ‘evacuated’ by train, much like many young people were during the war.  Whilst at the caves they were given a tour of the labyrinth of tunnels and learnt all about their role as shelter from the threatening bombs up above.

Evac5 Evac2 Evac 3

Evac2                                          Evac6


In the Nursery…

We have been exploring the Topic ‘All About Me’ in the Nursery this week and the children have enjoyed sharing the ‘All About Me Bag’ with their friends. We will continue to send the bag home with different children each session so that everyone will have a turn to share what makes them special with their friends.

We will be continuing with this Topic next week and exploring how we celebrate within our families with a Party  themed Role-Play Area and themed activities.

P1060769 P1060763

Some children sharing the ‘All About Me Bag’ with their friends.

P1060755 P1060757

We were exploring mini-beasts within some Autumn leaves in the outdoor area and using magnifying glasses to get a closer look!


Completing shape puzzles and talking about their features such as how many sides they have.

In the Nursery…

The children have continued exploring the Topic ‘All About Me’ and have been engaging in activities focusing on emotions and diversity. We will be continuing with this Topic next week and keep-an-eye out for the ‘All About Me Bag’ which will be sent home with each child in turn to fill with things that make them unique to then share with the class.


P1110606 P1110653


The children enjoyed developing listening skills through musical instrument play.

P1060738 P1110620 P1060721 P1060741We have been exploring colours this week and experimenting with mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. The children got very messy!


We went on a ‘Listening Walk’ around the school and listened to all the different sounds we could hear such as crickets, voices and a helicopter.

SPORTacus Team Excel at Kwik Cricket

Kwik CricketMembers of SPORTacus Kwik Cricket breakfast club took on Darrick Wood Junior School on 15th July in an exciting game. Tubbenden won by two runs, with Jamie Figg getting the winning runs required. It was a terrrific all round game played in great spirit by both schools.

Well done to all the boys for representing Tubbenden in such a great light.


This Week in the Nursery

We have had a fantastic first week in the Nursery and the children have really enjoyed making new friends and exploring lots of exciting activities! Outdoor play has proven very popular as has painting and drumming sessions in the school Music room.

P1110516 P1110510

The children playing in the outdoor area with the water and rocking table.


We would like to say a BIG thank you to Rowan Ho and family for the contribution of pine cones, apples and a feather to the Nursery Investigation Station.

P1060635 P1060641

The children explored rhythm, tempo and volume during a drumming music session. It was very noisy but lots of fun!


Car painting was very popular and a great way to explore mixing colours.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week.