In the Nursery…

The children have been exploring the Topic ‘All About Me’ this week and have extended their learning to incorporate family celebrations and achievements. They have enjoyed a ‘Party’ role-play area complete with lots of dressing up and decorations, writing invites/greetings cards and wrapping ‘presents’ for their friends.

Next week we will be focussing on the Topic of ‘Harvest’ and learning all about this time of year.

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We discussed different emotions and the facial expressions which accompany them. The children then used icing sugar and sweets to make faces on digestive biscuits and talk about how their biscuit person was feeling.

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Jinita, Ariadre and Rhys shared the ‘All About Me Bag’ with their friends this week and it was lovely to see all the things that they felt made them special and unique.

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Party role-play was very popular this week and the children enjoyed showing off their groovy dance moves with the lots of party dances as well as dressing up and singing happy birthday to all their friends!

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PE was lots of fun and the children explored balancing, rolling, throwing and catching as well as counting games.

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