Friendship Week Rap

During Friendship Week, Cara Richardson, Imogen Spear and Ellie Smith from Caradoc produced this fantastic rap which they shared in assembly . Well done girls. A fantastic effort!


A band-aid always helps my skinned elbow or knee,

When I get my feelings hurt it’s not so easy

to forget and get better and say I’m OK,

sometimes hurt feelings just won’t fade away.



Na na na na na don’t tease.


I’m the kid they make fun of who never got picked

to be a member of a team cause I wasn’t all that quick,

put yourself in my shoes and I think you’ll agree,

get to know a person better then you won’t tease.




They say sports aren’t my thing, how right they are,

but you’d like my collection of baseball cards,

yeah, I might not read books as fast as you

but check out the cool pictures of the story I drew.




Words have the power to build us up or tear us down,

soar like an eagle or come crashing down,

everyone’s different, special and unique,

so choose your words carefully before you speak.




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