Yellow Class Spring 2 round up!

It has been a short but very busy half term, as always we have had fun whilst learning with lots of exploring and hands on activities. Here are some of our favorite experiences this half term:


Our special story box revealed “Little Cloud” as our story for this half term









We learned the story by heart using a story map before reading the book ourselves. We then used this story to write our own fantasy story!








We incorporated the “Little Cloud” into our write dance too!

As well as all of our hard work, we also enjoy celebrating in Yellow Class, we make sure there is time to celebrate everyone’s birthday with a little party.

We are not sure which part we like best…


..Eating the cake…


.. Or all of the dancing!



We have enjoyed lots of creative lessons in the build up to Easter;



From our paper Mache Easter Eggs

To our Easter Nests





And of course, the EASTER EGG HUNT-








Recorder Concert a Resounding Success


On Thursday 17th March, the Infant Hall was alive with the sound of 92 recorders being played by some very enthusiastic Year 2 musicians.   Led by Mrs Poole of BYMT, the children played 8 different pieces of varying complexity to an appreciative audience of parents and grandparents.

Some children had never played an instrument before, or read music, but despite this, they played beautifully. Some pieces were interspersed with rapping and singing as well.

They have enjoyed recorder lessons throughout the year, playing on their own recorders (kindly donated by the TFA) and composing their own pieces. The improvement of the children’s playing was very clear and we are all very proud of their accomplishments.



International Pi Day!

Last Monday was a special day for mathematicians – International Pi Day, so called because the date (month 3 and day 14) reflects the first 3 digits of Pi. To celebrate and to extend their mathematical expertise, Miss Wollaston’s maths group read the first part of a story, ‘Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi’, up to a point where Radius, the story’s hero needed to solve a riddle linked to circles.  Each child then measured around a collection of circles and across the middle before experimenting with calculations to aid them in noticing a pattern.  Patterns were noticed and, with further exploration, the class realised that the result of dividing the circumference by the diameter was the magical maths number Pi!  Once the discovery had been made, he class decided on formulae for calculating circle measurements and applied these to drawing circles with links to Miss Venn’s birthday as she just so happens to be lucky enough to share her special day with Pi Day!  Once the circles were drawn, the children used them to make giant chocolate buttons as birthday gifts and to write birthday cards with circle questions for Miss Venn to solve!

It was a great day full of learning and fun!

Miss Wollaston

pi1 pi2 pi3 pi4 pi5 pi6 pi7 pi8 pi9

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the Nursery

The Nursery celebrated St Patrick’s Day today by dressing in green, tasting Irish soda bread and learning some Irish dance steps during our weekly dance lesson! We also listened to the story of St Patrick and the children were fascinated to hear how he drove the snakes out of Ireland which led to lots of discussion and role-play.

P1130054 P1130057 P1130056 P1130050 P1130038P1130046


Tubbenden Trail Blazers

Several children from TPS took part in the Bromley Primary Schools Cross Country event at Crystal Palace on Saturday 12th March. This event, for Junior pupils, is the largest in the UK. All the pupils finished the race, which was tough! There were over 1,800 children from 54 primary schools.

Thank you to all the parents for their support and encouragement. All participants should be very proud to have run in the largest Primary Schools Cross Country Event in the UK.

Mrs O’Leary

run6  run5  run4

run3  run2  run1

Year 4 Genius Hour

On the 14th of March 2016 all Year 4 showed off their Genius Hour projects. There were different types of Tudor buildings including many houses, a few Globe theatres and a Tudor prison. Some people made Tudor weapons such as swords, daggers and maces. There were some beautiful Tudor gowns and jewellery and some Tudor style food e.g. spiced apple juice and gingerbread. The Punch and Judy show was enjoyable and fun to watch.

All in all it was an incredible event.

Emily and Caroline, Guinevere Class.


y4gen1  y4gen6  y4gen5

y4gen4  y4gen3  y4gen2

In the Nursery this week…

The Nursery children have been exploring the topic of ‘Growing and Life-Cycles’ this week with a focus on the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. They have enjoyed learning what a seed needs to grow and planting their own seeds as well as recreating a butterfly and plant life-cycles through dance during PE sessions.

P1120940 P1120939




Digging and planting seeds in the outdoor area – thank you again to everyone who donated pots and seeds!

P1120954 P1120945




The children making ‘caterpillars’ using the threading beads with a focus on developing maths skills and knowledge of patterns.

P1120956 P1120959






Drawing all the things a plant needs to grow big and strong!

P1120952 P1120933





Recreating the life-cycles of plants and butterflies during PE dance sessions in the hall.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Roll Up and Read!

WBDThe 3rd March 2016 marked the 19th year of World Book Day.  Children arrived excitedly in their book character costumes and enjoyed parading their outfits in assembly.  The School Council did a great job judging the most creative and original costumes and awarded prizes to children and staff! Children also had the chance to swap books in the afternoon by donating books they no longer wanted and choosing a different book to take home.

To link in with our focus on ‘talk for writing’, the whole school enjoyed learning to retell the story ‘The Magic Paintbrush’, which is based on a traditional Chinese folktale. At the beginning of the week, children learnt the first half of the story and had a visit from a caricaturist in assembly!  Children were excited to think about what they would paint with a magic paintbrush and how the story might end.  On Friday, the whole school then came together and shared the follow up activities they had completed in class which included magnificent paintings, story maps, story endings and video clips!

Finally, the School Council judged the most inviting reading corners around the school and gave a selection of new books to the winning classes. Children have also been encouraged to visit the school libraries and have been sharing their book reviews.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and of course the children who made the week so inspiring and fun!

Mrs Nash

book 1  book8  book7

book6  book5  book4

book3  book2

Mysterious Creature On The Rampage in Year 3!

On returning to School, after the INSET day on Monday last week, a terrible scene of chaos and destruction was found along the Year 3 corridor which continued into the classrooms! On Monday evening, Mr Harms heard strange sounds and saw two glowing eyes when he started to lock up the School and on Tuesday morning…well as you can see from the photographs none of the Teachers were happy!

The children became Dragonologists and looked carefully at the evidence left behind; luckily no sign of the creature was found. Please keep a look out if you see any extraordinary things in your garden or local park such as piles of ash, unusual footprints and scratches – if you do spot something please let one of the Year 3 know.

dragons1                                                     dragons2




dragons5  Dragons4

The Nursery welcomes ‘Mums and Chums’!


The Nursery celebrated all the important women in our lives today at a special ‘Mums and Chums’ event! The children performed some lovely action songs and shared some activities with their mums and chums including bracelet making, biscuit decorating and outdoor play.

P1120910 P1120884




Photos of morning and afternoon performances.

P1120916 P1120900




Biscuit decorating.

P1120911 P1120893




Bracelet making with beads and pasta.

P1120928 P1120899 P1120895








Outdoor play in the Nursery garden.

P1120904 P1120930





The Tubbenden Nursery Team would like to wish all our lovely mummies a very happy Mother’s Day this Sunday and we look forward to seeing you again next week.