International Pi Day!

Last Monday was a special day for mathematicians – International Pi Day, so called because the date (month 3 and day 14) reflects the first 3 digits of Pi. To celebrate and to extend their mathematical expertise, Miss Wollaston’s maths group read the first part of a story, ‘Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi’, up to a point where Radius, the story’s hero needed to solve a riddle linked to circles.  Each child then measured around a collection of circles and across the middle before experimenting with calculations to aid them in noticing a pattern.  Patterns were noticed and, with further exploration, the class realised that the result of dividing the circumference by the diameter was the magical maths number Pi!  Once the discovery had been made, he class decided on formulae for calculating circle measurements and applied these to drawing circles with links to Miss Venn’s birthday as she just so happens to be lucky enough to share her special day with Pi Day!  Once the circles were drawn, the children used them to make giant chocolate buttons as birthday gifts and to write birthday cards with circle questions for Miss Venn to solve!

It was a great day full of learning and fun!

Miss Wollaston

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