Aha me hearties! Jump aboard for a Nursery Pirate adventure!

The Nursery children embarked on a Pirate adventure this week through the topic of ‘Shiver me timbers!’ and enjoyed a variety of activities including drawing treasure maps, role-play and learning sea-shanties.

The week started off with a visit from ‘Captain Prangnell’ a swashbuckling buccaneer who had shipwrecked in Tubbenden Primary School where her treasure had been pinched by cheeky pirates! The children were quick to come to the Captain’s rescue and participated in a treasure hunt around the school to find the stolen treasure.

P1070618 P1070643 P1070645

Once the children found the treasure chest it was filled with lots of pirate goodies and was a real communication starter when explored at group time.

P1070699 P1070712 P1070742




The Nursery pirate crew enjoyed lots of pirate role play opportunities and even made telescopes to use on the school ship in the outdoor area.

P1070670 P1070736 P1070705




Other activities included pirate small-world play, counting and adding pirate treasure and drawing treasure maps.


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