“Off to Neverland!” with Tubbenden Nursery

It has been magical in the Nursery this week exploring a Literacy Focus on the story of ‘Peter Pan’ following children’s interest in pirates, mermaids and fairies. The children have enjoyed fairy dust mark-making, discussing what makes a character a goody or a baddy and making fairy houses from natural materials. Following a child’s request for a ‘cinema’ event, we paid a visit to the Nursery ‘Tuck Shop’ and had to match coins to numbered bags of popcorn before enjoying ‘Disney’s Peter Pan’ on the SMART board.

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Making tickets for our friends, visiting the ‘Tuck Shop’ and completing simple sums in order to put sweets in bags ready for the ‘cinema’ event.

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Tracing our friend’s shadows after watching a clip from ‘Disney’s Peter Pan’, fairy dust mark-making and using London landmarks as inspiration for construction as it is the setting for the story.

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


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