Mad about Minibeasts!

It has been a week of exploration in the Nursery with the children focussing on the topic of ‘Minibeasts’. They have enjoyed participating in ‘Bug Hunts’ through the Tubbenden Wildlife Garden and looking closely at the minibeasts they found at the Nursery ‘Investigation Station’. The children enjoyed watching short documentaries about the different insects and talking about what made each insect unique such as number of legs, colours and patterns.

P1080073 P1080079 P1080072 P1080071 P1080091 P1080093

We have also been developing our fine-motor skills by making wiggly worms from playdoh and using rulers to measure them to see which is the longest/shortest as well as using tweezers to pick up spiders (buttons) from the spiders web and put them in a pot.

P1080068 P1080070P1080085P1080092P1080087P1080088


Art in Year 1

Last week our Artist in residence, Pam, visited Year 1 as part of the whole school Gonfalon Project.  Each class spent a whole day using different techniques to produce their Gonfalon.  The classes had a different value and continent to base their Gonfalon on.

Orange class’ focus was I am Polite. They concentrated on African animals, trees and Kente.

Green class’ focus was I am Honest.  They concentrated on Europe mainly Scandinavia.  They made trolls, trees and reindeer.

Silver class’ focus was I am Polite.  They concentrated on animals found in Asia and the lotus flower.

Each class had a fantastic day and a big thank you goes to Pam and her team of helpers who made it so enjoyable.

Making 3D pandas.

Making 3D pandas.

Printing Chinese fans.

Printing Chinese fans.

Using felt.

Using felt.


Drawing our animals on fabric.

Drawing our animals on fabric.

In the Nursery this week…

It’s been a noisy week in the Nursery exploring music and instruments from around the world through the topic ‘Mini Musicians’. The children have enjoyed playing in the ‘Music Studio’ role-play area and discussing how different music styles make them feel and want to move as well as playing ‘listening’ games on the interactive SMART board.

P1080043 P1080042 P1080029 P1080018 P1080040 P1080038


Mission Accomplished!


On Friday 6th May, the children in Reception transformed into SUPERHEROES!  They were on a mission to find Dr Zorg who had stolen the class pets earlier on in the week.  Despite putting up wanted posters and writing letters to Dr Zorg, no one could find them.  That was until Spiderman thought he had seen Dr Zorg in the garden.  The children worked hard to solve the clues and even had to go through lasers to get to them.  Luckily the class pets had not been harmed and are recovering well back in the classrooms.

 We had a great day and are very proud of our brave superheroes!

 Reception Team

super6 super4 super5

super3super2 Super7

Super8 Super9 Super10

A very special visitor to the Nursery

The Nursery children were very lucky to have a visit from a Paediatric Nurse this week as part of the topic ‘Get Well Soon.’ We would like to say a BIG thank you to Mrs. Logue for sharing with us her experience of working in a hospital and showing us how to use bandages. We even got to have a go at bandaging up our friends!

P1070902 P1070903 P1070909 P1070908 P1070907 P1070906

Green Fingered Gardening Club

The gardening club have been busy planting around the school.

The bulbs were bought using Cooling’s vouchers – kindly collected by parents – thank you.

Trees and hedging were donated by Woodland Trust and were planted in freezing, wet conditions by our hardy gardening club children.

 Liz Maher