Mad about Minibeasts!

It has been a week of exploration in the Nursery with the children focussing on the topic of ‘Minibeasts’. They have enjoyed participating in ‘Bug Hunts’ through the Tubbenden Wildlife Garden and looking closely at the minibeasts they found at the Nursery ‘Investigation Station’. The children enjoyed watching short documentaries about the different insects and talking about what made each insect unique such as number of legs, colours and patterns.

P1080073 P1080079 P1080072 P1080071 P1080091 P1080093

We have also been developing our fine-motor skills by making wiggly worms from playdoh and using rulers to measure them to see which is the longest/shortest as well as using tweezers to pick up spiders (buttons) from the spiders web and put them in a pot.

P1080068 P1080070P1080085P1080092P1080087P1080088


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