In the Nursery…

The Nursery children have been exploring the topic of ‘Autumn’ this week and enjoyed activities such as conker maths investigation, ‘Autumn Walks’ around the school grounds and making hedgehogs from playdoh and junk modelling. They have also been listening to the story ‘Leaf Man’.

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Autumn Walks: We looked at the different colours of the leaves, found some fallen sycamore seeds and discussed the change in weather. We returned to the Nursery with some very interesting ‘finds’ and put them on the ‘Investigation Station’ for the children to explore independently.

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Conker maths investigation: The children counted conkers and found the matching numeral as well as weighing conkers to see how many they would need to put on each side of the scale to create balance.

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Hedgehog Malleable: After discussing how hedgehogs make homes in piles of leaves ready to hibernate, the children enjoyed using playdoh, straws, pasta and buttons to make hedgehog models.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Powis for sharing her musical talents with the Nursery class and playing a variety of instruments for the children. It was an activity greatly enjoyed by all and enhanced children’s understanding of the purpose of the ‘Music Studio’ role play area.



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