TWIG Transformation

Saturday morning saw a really productive morning at the TWIG – take a look at the photographs to see the dramatic transformation.  Spike was absolutely brilliant at co-ordinating the team of helpers (parents, grandparents and children) who turned up to help, rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in with the enormous task!   Hopefully TWIG will become a more visited area, enjoyed by all children.  A HUGE thank you to all those involved.
twig-tidy-up19    twig-tidy-up13    twig-tidy-up14
twig-tidy-up12    twig-tidy-up11    twig-tidy-up5
twig-tidy-up8    twig-tidy-up3    twig-tidy-up6
twig-tidy-up10    twig-tidy-up4    twig-tidy-up15

National Young Mathematician Awards

On the 23rd November 2016, four lucky children went to ‘Explore Learning’ for the National Young Mathematicians Award.  Whilst there, they were asked to put an answer to two incredibly challenging, multiple task word problems, and all within just one hour.  There was also an opportunity to play a thirty minute game, which involved trying to find as many answers to slightly easier mathematical word problems.  
‘The team demonstrated excellent mathematical knowledge and superb teamwork. Throughout both sessions, they worked together to successfully complete the series of challenges. They be very proud of themselves and we look forward to finding out the results in the coming weeks!’  –  Miss Venn



Lancelot Launch A Mannequin Challenge

Lancelot had a little fun for the last 20 minutes of learning time today.  I challenged the class to organise themselves quickly, ready to take on the most recent craze – The Mannequin Challenge.  I think you’ll agree it’s not a bad effort for the first attempt of filming. Click to launch video of Lancelot’s Mannequin Challenge

Now I would like to challenge the rest of Tubbenden to have a go and create their own – the competition is on.  Be imaginative, be creative, be very still! I look forward to seeing your efforts over the next few weeks.

Good luck.

Mrs Davey


Look At Our Lovely Learning

On Tuesday 22nd of November, parents ventured to observe their children’s wondrous work; they astounded the visitors by producing high-quality learning and sharing innovative ideas. The parents visited during the first lesson of the day, and were amazed at how beautifully the children presented their awe-inspiring work. Each parent was given the opportunity to look through their child’s books and witness a lesson, in which the students were all hard-working and well-behaved.

The visitors didn’t hinder the children from producing wonderful work and we dearly thank each and every parent who took time out of their day to enjoy life in our school; we hope you enjoyed every moment of it.

Written by Joshua and Jacob.

Players do it again! ⚽️🏆

After last weeks excellent results, Tubbenden came to the game again with a strong heart to defeat the unbeaten team of Wickham Common! Goals again were scored from all kinds of positions on the vast pitch. These goals were scored by: Cossar, Hobbs, Hattley and Grayson.  Grayson has now scored in all 3 games and is attempting a Jamie Vardy -only 8 more goals in a row to level it! With heads hung high, they returned to school the next day and spread the word of the 4-0 win. They smiled as a well-deserved round of applause bellowed around the hall. We took a different team on Tuesday, with 6 different players in the A squad not playing, but that didn’t stop us! Jacob, Ad, Ryan, Ekansh, Ali, Jake and Zander performed brilliantly, proving that the terrific Tubbenden team have way more than just one starting 11! A big credit to our coaches: Mr Lundy and Ben, this is one of the reasons that we are so great. Let’s hope for the best in the next Tubbenden match.

Written by Benjamin and James

Fantastic FRIDAY!!


On Friday 18th November, the fantastic football team took home another victory in style (for Tubbenden) against Perry Hall.  The final score was an absolute screamer, with the team smashing it 4 to 1. The goal-scorers were Kemp, Dwight, Hobbs and Hattley. They took a cheeky team photo after celebrating their win and went home with smiles and joy in their cheerful bodies. The players loved playing up at the Harris pitch; remembering this as a glorious win.

It was an absolute jaw dropping game to watch and it left parents stunned! #GoTubbenden

by Ryan and Oliver