Year 4 Make A Growl!


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On 8th November, Year 4 had the fabulous opportunity of working with some professional actors from the West End production of ‘The Lion King’. The children really enjoyed the workshop and were engrossed in their roles. First of all, they began to warm-up as actors do, then they had the chance to act as various characters from the show. Next they received original scripts, were put into groups to select their roles and began to eagerly practice their upcoming piece.

Soon the children had perfected their characters and were ready to perform. Each group were fantastic, their acting had gone from reading without expression to ‘stage perfection!’

Here are some of the children’s comments that we collected during their interview:

Jack Meaden: ‘It was very exciting because it was a different experience.’

Lea Ehui-Manalang: ‘Really entertaining.’

Ruth Yates: ‘Very fun!’

Jayden Dowley: ‘Makes you imagine!’

Overall the children really enjoyed the acting experience and the chance to express their creative mind. This has definitely been a highlight of Year 4 so far!

Alyssa Ehui-Manalang, Sonya Ovcharenko and Ella Atkins.


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