Tubbenden Beats Bullying!

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On Wednesday 16th November, the Junior children congregated in the main hall to witness an amazing ‘Anti-bullying’ show about respect. An expert came in and played four different characters: a pigeon, a teacher called Mrs Ruder, a cat and a girl called Sydney. By the end of the assembly, the school knew what the letters of respect represented: R for rudeness, E for everyone, S for self-respect, P for people, E for empathy, C for care and T for together. We recited an acrostic poem in class to remind us of the importance of RESPECT.

Every Year 5 and 6 class then had a spectacular session attending an awe-inspiring drama workshop. To warm up our minds, we played a game called ‘7s’: each person had to count to 7, but there were exceptions. Every time you said a number under 7 you had to tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Instead of saying 7, you had to say,”Self-respect,”and as you said this, you had to do a certain gesture with our hands. If we got anything wrong, whether movement or language, we had to sit down and tell something about ourselves to the other students. It was great fun.

After we played this game, we were split into groups and were each provided with a verse from the previously mentioned acrostic poem. Each group was told to interpret the stanza and form a still image, using only their bodies. The challenge was then to bring the image to life. The students thought outside of the box and were praised for our creativity by the man who was running the workshop.

A massive thanks to Mrs Mercer for organising the amazing day.


Josh and Ekansh

We Will Remember Them

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On the 11th November at 11:00am, the whole school gathered together, to have a minute of silence to remember the soldiers who fought in the war. Mr Turvey talked to us about his relatives that fought in World War 1. Some Year 6 children presented their poppy poems that had been written to help people reflect on sacrifices soldiers make for us.  We will remember those that have fought for us forever.

By Oliver

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Evacuation Visit

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On Wednesday the 9th November, we were lucky enough to meet Nicky Aiello’s grandparents, who themselves were children in World War Two. Nick, who was Nicky’s Grandpa and aged 5 during the start of war, got evacuated three times to the countryside: Devon, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire. Whereas Rhoda, who was Nicky’s Grandma, was only a baby so she wasn’t evacuated. She told us how her mother refused to let her go. We learnt a lot more about the war from them and what life was like during wartime. Thank you to them both for giving up their time to make our learning experience a good one!


Written by Holly and Niamh

Terrific Tubbenden Come Back Strong!

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The unbeatable Tubbenden football team have won once again! At half-time Tubbenden were level at 2-2, but by the end of the match, Tubbenden had won glory. The opposition, Grays Farm, were left standing, with 5 goals to 2. We played some incredible football as a team. We bagged some great goals, our scorers were: Cossar, Leach, Hobbs, Grayson and Dwight. It was truly a great game to watch.


Written by Ryan, Benjamin, James and Oliver

Victory to Lancelot!



Year 6 have been learning about netball in their P.E lessons. Mrs Brash has taught us many new skills. We’ve learnt: footwork rules (pivoting); signalling to our team members for the ball; passing the ball and being efficient defenders by marking and intercepting. It was good practice to recap and work on our teamwork.

After many weeks of practice, Mrs Brash decided to hold a netball tournament. Each class had two teams: the competition was on! Year 6 spent an entire afternoon competing against every team. The amount of teamwork, talent and learning shown from all was incredible.

Before long though it was all over. The children sat in anticipation, holding their breath waiting for the winning team to be announced. Green team (in Lancelot) were ecstatic to be pronounced the winners.  However all teams should be congratulated on playing incredibly well.  Mrs Brash had been kind enough to have purchased a trophy for the winning team, which now stands proudly in Lancelot class for everyone to admire.


Year 6 loved every minute of the tournament and hope for another one soon!


Sonya  Alyssa and Ella


Bikers Back on the Road!


From the 15th to the 16th of November, the second excited group of Year 6 pupils hit the local roads for their cycling course.  These children were as determined as the first group, wanting to pass with flying colours.  We’re proud to say that they did really well and can also be spotted wearing their badges with pride.

Good luck to the final group next week.

Travelling Book Fair

Thank you to everyone who supported the Travelling Book Fair this year.  The children were excited to view the books during the day and we really appreciate all those who came and purchased a book after school. This year we sold just over £2000 worth of books, which means each class will receive £50 in commission to spend on books for their class.

Thank you so much to Mrs Toller and Mrs Felstead who helped organise and run the event every day, and the team of parent helpers who came after school.  This would not have been possible without you!

Mrs Nash


Bikers Brave The Weather!

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From the 8th to the 9th of November, the first large group of brave Year 6 pupils took to the roads. The first morning was spent in the playground, where the cycling instructors arranged exciting activities that warmed the young cyclists up. If they succeeded in all aspects of the training, they were presented with their first badge of honour.  Soon afterwards, the children ventured to the bustling, local roads and learnt how to prepare for the future, staying safe cycling amongst traffic.

The next day it poured with torrential rain but the cyclists arrived, confidently dressed in warm, waterproof clothing. With the rain relentlessly pounding down, the bold cyclists battled on! During the assessment for their second badge, the eager cyclists exceeded in practising their skills: U-turns, starting and stopping bicycles safely, signalling and being aware of traffic. Everyone was determined to succeed.

Later, the now professional cyclists, headed back to school to receive their second long, awaited badge. The children can now be spotted wearing them with pride.

The teachers were proud of us and delighted to receive an email from the head instructor Michaela, telling them about our success.

“All the children were really well behaved and great fun to work with (even when we had rain). They were a real credit to the school.”

Good luck to the next group to take up the challenge. J

Written by Benjamin Cossar, James Di Marco and Ekansh Singh





Year 4 Make A Growl!


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On 8th November, Year 4 had the fabulous opportunity of working with some professional actors from the West End production of ‘The Lion King’. The children really enjoyed the workshop and were engrossed in their roles. First of all, they began to warm-up as actors do, then they had the chance to act as various characters from the show. Next they received original scripts, were put into groups to select their roles and began to eagerly practice their upcoming piece.

Soon the children had perfected their characters and were ready to perform. Each group were fantastic, their acting had gone from reading without expression to ‘stage perfection!’

Here are some of the children’s comments that we collected during their interview:

Jack Meaden: ‘It was very exciting because it was a different experience.’

Lea Ehui-Manalang: ‘Really entertaining.’

Ruth Yates: ‘Very fun!’

Jayden Dowley: ‘Makes you imagine!’

Overall the children really enjoyed the acting experience and the chance to express their creative mind. This has definitely been a highlight of Year 4 so far!

Alyssa Ehui-Manalang, Sonya Ovcharenko and Ella Atkins.


Astrodome Adventures

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On the 7th November, Year 5 pupils were visited by the incredible Astrodome. It was mesmerising them as they blasted into outer space to observe the night skies. The students would highly recommend the awe-inspiring experience and rated it 10 out of 10 as a learning experience. They stated that it was a fun, extraordinary visit, almost as realistic as if they’d actually been given the chance to travel to space. The children absolutely loved observing the beautiful stars and shooting up into space. Everyone found it exciting, realistic and cosmic. The students learnt many interesting facts about their topic of Space: without stopping, it would take 180 years in a car to get to the sun; the different types of eclipse there are and if you were to touch the glass in a rocket that was entering the atmosphere, your hand would burn.

The children had a great time floating in space!


Ryan Toto, Joshua Mead and Jacob Lott J