Tubbenden Terrific Netball Win

Yesterday Tubbenden’s netball team of Year 5 and 6 and girls, held a friendly match with the local Darrick Wood Juniors netball team. After a fun, practice match, the Darrick Wood team arrived. The game kicked off with amazing enthusiasm, and it was noticeable that Darrick Wood’s sneaky interception was fantastic and as was Tubbenden’s speedy escapes. The match ended and another started, this time the teams were even more determined than before. The game was on!  Finally the game finished and the teams sipped on orange squash whilst taking photos together. Tubbenden did win 3-2 but the game honestly was just for fun and both teams vastly enjoyed it. It was the first  match for both teams and we think they did an incredible job! Well done all involved.

Written by Ella netball

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