🎄 Christmas Meal Celebrations

On the 14th of December, the whole school experienced a fantastic Christmas feast in the main hall. As the magnificent meal raced on, cheerful Christmassy music played in the background, filling the students with the Christmas spirit. With joy flowing through their skin, they pulled crackers, told jokes and speedily ate their delicious meal.

Big thanks to the kitchen staff  for letting the children feast on the fun-filling meal, and for all the staff for serving us our festive delights.

By Akshara, Jazz, Josh and Ekansh





Perfect Pantomime

On the 15th of December, the whole school experienced an exceptional pantomime, named Cinderella; although it did not include all of the characters, the school enjoyed it greatly. The panto was jam-packed with songs, dancing and exhilaration. The children adored how astoundingly amazing the flawless actors were and how professionally they performed the outstanding act. The entire play was completed with only 4 actors and a group of volunteering children, who each debuted in certain scenes. The play encouraged the students to dance and sing along. We gave a huge thank you to the actors and the school for arranging the occasion and allowing us to watch this stunning spectacle.

By Josh and Ekansh


panto-2  panto-3   panto-4

⚽️ Tubbenden’s Successful Streak Shoots On! ⚽️

After missing 1 hour and 10 minutes of school time, a new menacing team strode to victory, after a different set up. Tubbenden were split into two 7-aside teams to play Farnborough. There were 4 sections and the minutes went 15, 15, 10, 10. The match ended 5-1. The goals were scored by Di Marco (striking two for the blues!), Dwight, Bristow and Hattley. Unfortunately, coach Ben wasn’t there but Greg, his saviour, helped us – Thank you.  As it was just a friendly match, a friendly penalty shootout was won by Farnborough. Unlucky for Josh, he ended his Vardy streak of scoring in four games in a row. Let’s not forget though – another good win for TUBBENDEN!!!!

James and Benfootball-2

Year 5 Put on a Good Show

On Monday 12th of December, Year Five performed their brilliant Christmas production to the lucky Year Six. I think the entire year would agree when I tell you it was absolutely perfect! I’m sure all the parents will love it when they see it – it will blow their socks off! Altogether it was thrilling, exciting and dramatic, making it a sight to behold. Years three and four sang beautifully.  Together they made the best of efforts and impressed us all, especially the teachers! The plot line was gripping and the acting was spectacular.  It was definitely a treat for all of us.  I could have sworn I saw Mrs Hawkins shed a tear when Father Christmas was captured!  Congratulations to Year 5 for organising and putting on such a phenomenal school Christmas play.

By Freddie, Alex and George

img_0473 img_0448   img_0464





Christmas 1 img_0444  img_0486

Exploring Nets

On the 13th of December, Year 6 were visited by Explore Learning. The tutor was confident; she taught openly. We had a lot of fun learning about nets of shapes and creating our own ‘XploreBox’.  The ‘XploreBox’ is a rival to the Xbox, although it uses no machinery. We created a downsized prototype with squared paper and were fascinated by the potential and beauty of nets.  The experience was fun, informative and we thank the school and Explore Learning greatly for arranging this amazing lesson.

By Ray


Year 6 Make Do and Mend

On Tuesday 13th November Excalibur in Year 6 made some fantastic ‘make do and mend’  puppets and Christmas decorations! This was to do with our Topic WW2,  ‘Make Do and Mend’ was a motto to help housewives become more frugal. We had to use old socks and rags to create our own amazing puppets. We had to use needles and thread, which was a first for a lot of us. Make sure you check out our awesome photos below!

 By Holly and Marie



Tubbenden Terrific Netball Win

Yesterday Tubbenden’s netball team of Year 5 and 6 and girls, held a friendly match with the local Darrick Wood Juniors netball team. After a fun, practice match, the Darrick Wood team arrived. The game kicked off with amazing enthusiasm, and it was noticeable that Darrick Wood’s sneaky interception was fantastic and as was Tubbenden’s speedy escapes. The match ended and another started, this time the teams were even more determined than before. The game was on!  Finally the game finished and the teams sipped on orange squash whilst taking photos together. Tubbenden did win 3-2 but the game honestly was just for fun and both teams vastly enjoyed it. It was the first  match for both teams and we think they did an incredible job! Well done all involved.

Written by Ella netball

Fun Firework Filled Fair

On Saturday the 10th of December 2016, Tubbenden children were rewarded with another fun-filled, action-packed Christmas fair; it was extremely fun and brilliant.  The chldren and parents were lucky enough to have the TFA put together such a wonderful Christmas extravaganza.

 There were all types of different activities such as the money tree, the chocolate, drink and alcoholic tombola, arts and crafts, seeing Santa and many more. There were also fantastic, exciting, brilliant rides such as the exciting Disco dome, the fast spinning tea cups and the hair-raising bull ride.

At the end of the excellent fair it was topped off by Tubbenden’s fabulous firework display; there were all sorts of colour and patterns. “It was absolutely amazing,” a student complimented.

A big thanks to the TFA for arranging this fantastic fair for us all to enjoy.

Jacob and Alfie

Yr 5’s strike ⚽️

After a long wait for a game, the year 5’s hoped for a fantastic score whilst playing some tremendous football against Warren Road. Awaiting for the whistle to blow, the eager year 5’s stood professionally, keeping their focused heads up. TOOT! The booming whistle was blown, the game was on. Suddenly, a extremely massive boulder fell in there path, 7 goals were scored in quick succession, what would they do? At half time, they said they would refuse to give up, if they could score 7, then we could! Some more confident than others, they roamed on. With plenty of time left, the referee blew for a Tubbenden free kick.  Grason stood up for the attempt on goal and thunder bolted a cracker and nearly broke the net. The keeper was stunned. With plenty of time left Tubbenden team fought on. Unfortunately, they did not score any goals with the time they had left, it was very unlucky, but they will come back fighting next time!

by Benjamin and James


Choir Concert at Intu Bromley

On Wednesday the 7th of December, the choir went on a singing trip to Bromley and they saw the winner of the X Factor Matt Terry ! After arriving at the Glades INTU, the choir sang their amazing songs to the Christmas shoppers.  Whilst at the venue, they sang many Christmas songs that rose the spirits of the public and spread  joy to everyone. They all went home happy, proud and glad that they even got to catch a glipse of a celebrity!

By Niamh, Alyssa and Sonya

intu1 intu 2 intu

We are proud of the choir who recently received this letter of thanks:

On behalf of everyone at Bromley Mencap I am writing to thank you and your choir for taking part in our Carol Singing Day at Intu Shopping Centre on Wednesday 07 December. I hope that you all enjoyed the occasion as much as our volunteers and customers at Intu did.  The singing was absolutely wonderful and a great start to the festive season.

I am delighted to inform you that we collected an amazing amount of £687.44.  You should all be very proud of yourselves and this will make a big difference to us and the families that we support.

All of the money raised will be used to help individuals of all ages who have disabilities in Bromley and provide support for their families. Events like the Carol Singing Day are vital for the future funding of the charity so we cannot thank you enough for taking part and supporting our work in such a positive way.

I wish all the staff, children and members of your choirs a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I  hope you can continue to support us in 2017.

Kind regards

Jane Barnes